Pocodoro has created a new three-in-one portable storage drive of the same name, that has been designed to provide both security and support all your devices. The Pocodoro Mix Memory storage device allows you to transfer files conveniently, as well as run different operating systems without needing to change theRead More →

Samsung has teased a new tablet, the company has released some press photos of the device, the Samsung Galaxy View. From what we can see from the photos, this new Samsung Galaxy View seems to be considerably larger than the current range of Samsung tablets. We recently heard that SamsungRead More →

Samsung hopes to unify disparate Internet of Things devices with its new SmartThings Hub and pack of sensors, which provides secure but open protocols for a range of smarthome devices. Photograph: Samsung Samsung has launched a new hub for smarthome devices, which it hopes will kickstart the evolution of theRead More →

PIONEER Using know-how gained by making laserdiscs of yesteryear, Pioneer is developing a 3D LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor that could be a fraction of the cost of current systems. The company sees technology related to optical pickups once used in laserdisc players, which it made for 30 yearsRead More →

New versions of a highly persistent adware program called Shopperz use a cunning technique to make DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking harder to detect and fix. Shopperz, also known as Groover, injects ads into users’ Web traffic through methods researchers consider malicious and deceptive. In addition to installing extensions in InternetRead More →

Narrative has this week announce the availability of their next-generation life logging camera in the form of the Narrative Clip 2 that was first unveiled in CES 2015, that builds on the technology used in the first and is now equipped with an 8 megapixel camera that is capable of recordingRead More →