Apple is holding their iPhone 6S press event next week on the 9th of September and they are also expected to announce the availability of the Apple Watch in some more countries. Apple are expected to announced that the Apple Watch will be available in more countries later this month,Read More →

The new Oculus Rift Developer Guide that has been released alongside the new Oculus SDK software version 0.7, has revealed more details about the workings of the new Oculus Touch virtual reality controllers that will be used alongside the Oculus Rift VR headset. The Oculus Touch hand controllers are equippedRead More →

Microsoft has published the latest Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet that reveals their latest Windows 10 operating system that launched back at the end of July 2015 will be supported until October 14th 2025. The document also reveals that support for Microsoft’s older yet still very capable Windows 7 operating systemRead More →

Amazon has this week enabled the ability for Amazon Prime users to be able to download and view Amazon Prime content offline, just in-case an Internet connection is not always available to stream the content to your devices. Beating its main competitor Netflix by rolling out the feature first. TheRead More →

The latest version of the Internet Protocol is version 6 which provides location and identification for computers, laptops, and tablets on the networks which also provides services for routing traffic across the internet. There was problem persisting for address reservation with IPv4. The IP addresses for IPv4 protocol were gettingRead More →