I can be ready in 10 minutes. I am pretty low-maintenance, but if there’s time, I will faff. I’ll put on some music, fix myself a gin and tonic, and then suddenly think it would be a good idea to try something else on. I like getting ready with friends.Read More →

I’ve always been impressed by women who incorporate regular face masks into their skincare routines. I can see the appeal of a more intensive treatment, and a little relaxation, and I have used hundreds over the course of my career, but masks seem to represent a lot of hassle forRead More →

There’s a painting in the National Portrait Gallery that has long been a source of fashion inspiration for me; it dates from about 1575, and is a peerless image of redheaded chic. Elizabeth I wears a gown of white and gold satin with dashing scarlet frogging across the breast, likeRead More →

Sometimes if I’m having a bad day, I Google Image River Phoenix and study his hair. It’s like therapy and momentarily sends my brain somewhere better. This obsession is partly to do with the film My Own Private Idaho and its beautiful portrayal of youthful confusion and unrequited love. ButRead More →

Margot Tenenbaum The certain muse of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci collection. Furry dressing gowns, clips, gloves and all. Zoolander The Valentino womenswear show featured a walk-off from Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, reminding us that we have just five months to work on our own Blue Steel. Heavy fabrics, pastel coloursRead More →