Many shopping are available in Online.But it’s hard to find the best one out of all sites.That’s because of fake reviews and ratings given by them itself. Several sites are famous for dresses and accessories only. But some are specialized on Men’s accessories and some are specialized in Women’s accessories.Read More →

LONDON — “If I didn’t have fashion, I wouldn’t make films,” the director Ruth Hogben said. “People always ask me if I want to make feature films. No. I love fashion.” Ms. Hogben was walking from the train station to her apartment in Dalston, in northeast London. She was wearingRead More →

In this post I look at the world of fashion and how Ralph Lauren uses data. The post first appeared in my column for Data Informed. The way the world we live in is increasingly becoming digitally connected is impacting everything, and fashion is no exception. Wearables are expected to become increasingly popularRead More →

International Model Victoria Michaels has appealed to the government to encourage, promote and support the Fashion Industry financially in order to boost the sector.According to her, the support will go a long way to change the face of the industry as pertained in other African countries. She noted that financiallyRead More →

FASHION and recycling go hand in hand for TAFE Queensland East Coast fashion graduate Yasmin Bridges. Her business Awkward Chat focuses on clothing ethically sourced and made from recycled materials. “My philosophy is no matter how awkward it is, let’s have conversations about where our purchases come from and askRead More →

Rocket Internet’s Global Fashion Group (GFG), the German Internet platform’s fashion-focused umbrella group, announced yesterday (July 1) that it secured €150 million ($167 million) in funding from an internal financing round. Rocket Internet also announced plans to move two of its Brazilian online fashion businesses under the GFG portfolio. InRead More →

This year, there’s another thing to add to the long list of things I miss about the summer holidays: wearing dresses. Not from an aesthetic standpoint, so much as from sheer laziness: separates have dominated fashion for so long that I had forgotten the blissful ease of one-step dressing, the satisfaction ofRead More →