Information about food allergies and sensitivities is becoming more and more readily available. Seeing gluten free and tree nut free menu options are becoming a common occurrence. Many people may think it’s simply a matter of preference or maybe a weight loss tactic, but food allergies are very serious andRead More →

When discussing bacteria, some may think about illnesses and diseases, but there are bacteria that are helpful to the body. Probiotics are supplements that contain good bacteria like lactobacillus that can improve a person’s health. Probiotics can be added to a diet through foods like yogurt or supplements found overRead More →

Pharmaceutical products are not the preferred method for some people to end severe pain. Laser therapies are the latest technology that brings true, viable results in pain management. You can finally break free of the pain of even chronic conditions. Make your day one that is enjoyable and free ofRead More →

In the midst of news surrounding the Trump administration’s plan to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the United States by 2030, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announcedthat the annual decline in new HIV transmission rates has leveled off. What does this mean for plans to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic? Experts say thatRead More →

There are certain times in life when you will find yourself searching for a new doctor. It could be because you moved to a new area, are in need of a specialist, or your regular physician has retired or relocated. There is no need to panic. As long as youRead More →

Those who want to talk to a psychiatrist are taking a big first step into easing the trouble they are having in their lives and making themselves not only feel better but live better as well. While there is a stigma that comes with talking with a psychiatrist, there isRead More →