How To Develop a More Positive Workplace Culture

Your business may be at the forefront of your industry. You might offer the most competitive salaries and the cushiest benefit packages. However, you are probably not going to retain quality employees if your workplace has a negative or hostile atmosphere.

Improving corporate culture starts at the top with owners and managers. Here are a few fundamental qualities that most successful companies share:

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1. Open Communication and Trust

Employees who feel that their managers ignore or react unpredictably to their concerns often have a hard time doing their best work. Wouldn’t you also hold back if you thought your supervisor didn’t care?

Start by listening to everything your workers have to say and do your best to empathize.  Engage in active conflict resolution New Orleans by mediating disputes. When opposing sides understand why the other acted in a certain way, it’s often easier for them to reach a solution.

2. Jobs Tailored to Employees

The business model of “This is what needs to be done, and this is how I want you to do it” is a thing of the past. Employees who have the freedom to do the work the way they know is best can produce amazing results.

Try stepping back from micro-managing your workers a little bit at a time. You’ll gradually realize that they usually can think for themselves and achieve your desired results without direct supervision.

3. Team Atmosphere

Teams have a necessary hierarchy, but during the game, everyone works together to get the job done. Include your entire staff by sharing your company’s direction and goals. Let each team member know how they can contribute to the effort, and be clear with your expectations. Praise and reward exceptional efforts in public. If you need to make corrections, do it privately and diplomatically.

You’re not going to change the entire culture overnight. You may even experience resistance; some people have a hard time with change. Still, one of the surest ways to lasting success is to make your company’s culture gratifying.

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