Intel at CES 2020: ‘Tiger Lake’ 10nm CPU, DG1 Discrete GPU, Project Athena Chromebooks Demonstrated

Intel at CES 2020: 'Tiger Lake' 10nm CPU, DG1 Discrete GPU, Project Athena Chromebooks Demonstrated

Intel previewed the upcoming 10nm Tiger Lake architecture that will feature integrated Xe graphics

  • Intel’s Tiger Lake CPU and DG1 GPU will ship commercially later this year
  • Project Athena now encompasses Chromebooks and dual-screen laptops
  • Intel sees AI, 5G, and edge computing as huge growth areas

At its annual CES press conference, Intel focused heavily on how it is leveraging AI across its offerings, and how it sees huge opportunities in managing and processing the vast amounts of data being generated every day by the multiple smart devices each person uses. Company CEO Bob Swan identified three big tech inflections that will define the company’s strategy over the next few years: 5G networks, AI, and intelligent edge computing. Intel sees AI as a $25 billion opportunity by 2024 and has invested heavily in developing new technology in-house as well as acquiring firms that specialise in it, most notably Nervana, Movidius, Mobileye, and Habana.

As for hardware, Intel shared a preview of the upcoming 10nm Tiger Lake architecture that will succeed Ice Lake, and demonstrated the upcoming DG1 discrete GPU. Company executives also showed off various Intel-powered laptops including dual-screen and folding models from Dell and Lenovo, and a new large foldable PC concept design codenamed Horseshoe Bend.

No specifications about Tiger Lake were announced, but Intel has confirmed that it will feature integrated Xe graphics, the result of Intel’s rebooted graphics hardware initiative. This promises double the graphics performance of the current generation, bringing HD quality gaming to millions of slim laptops. Tiger Lake will also have improved AI integrations and native Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6 for connectivity. OEMs will begin receiving Tiger Lake CPUs this summer, pointing to potential laptop launches by late 2020.

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