CBSE’s Two-Levels Of Mathematics For Class 10 Explained

CBSE's Two-Levels Of Mathematics For Class 10 Explained

CBSE had announced two-level formula for 10th board Mathematics exam in January 2019


NEW DELHI: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) introduced a major change for students who would be taking their board examinations next year. The change announced back in January, pertains to mathematics.

CBSE had announced that class 10 students in the batch ending in March 2020 will be able to opt between two levels of mathematics in their board exams. The move was aimed to make board exams less stressful and to optimize the assessment as per the future endeavors of the student, that is their desire to pursue mathematics as a subject after secondary school.

The move was welcomed by many for it’s student-centric approach but also caused a lot of confusion. One of the confusions that immediately arose was whether the students be made to appear in two levels of mathematics exam instead of one.

CBSE, in its circular, clearly states that there will not be ‘two’ examinations. The two levels will be ‘Mathematics-Basic’ and ‘Mathematics-Standard’ and students will have the option to choose any ‘one’.

The difficulty level of the Mathematics-Standard exam will be the same as the existing exam and the Mathematics-Basic question paper will be easier in comparison.

The idea behind introducing the two levels or two question papers of varying difficulty levels is that several students do not study Mathematics after class 10 and hence do not need to be tested for the same skills as those who would pursue mathematics on higher levels.