How To File a Disaster Claim With FEMA

Disasters strike the United States every year and insurance only covers so much of your possessions. FEMA, which stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, has programs designed to help people in the United States recover if they lose all they have in a natural occurrence. Here are the steps to apply for their help so you can begin your business continuity and disaster recovery.

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File an Insurance Claim First

Although you may have doubts your insurance will help at all, you will need to submit a claim through your agent first. Once your insurance is finished reimbursing you for any losses they might be able to cover, then you can turn to FEMA.

How To Apply For Assistance

You can ask for help from FEMA either by phone or in person. You will need your address, telephone number, insurance information including your claim denial, bank information, annual income and what loss you incurred. They will give you a claim number that you can check up on a day or two later. Keep in mind that it might take a while to complete this step in the disaster was widespread. Once it has been processed, an inspector will come out free of charge to take a look at the damage.

What Does FEMA Cover

FEMA can cover a portion of items to get your life closer to normal. They will pay to accommodate you and your family for a short amount of time while you repair your house or purchase a new one. They will also help you finance the repairs you need to make or to purchase a new one if your place is too damaged. If the necessity arises, they can also finance medical and dental costs, cleanup, relocation, storage, clothing and fuel. Depending on your area and the severity of the situation, they may also cover a generator.