4 Non-Musician Career Choices in the Music Industry

The music industry can be an exciting avenue to explore if you really love music, but not everyone can be a gifted singer or instrumentalist. If you find yourself drawn the field, there are lots of opportunities to get involved without ever having to play a note.

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1. Engineer

An engineer is an expert on all of the equipment that a band or singer uses to produce their music. It requires some technical knowhow, but there are recording engineer classes that you can to help you learn the ins and outs of the process. This is an important job because the moves you make can affect the overall sound of the record.

2. Manager

You might also work as someone’s personal manager, taking on the responsibility of getting his or her name out there in the public. You’ll negotiate deals on their behalf and guide their decisions in regard to their image and career path.

3. Tour Coordinator

A tour coordinator arranges travel for a musician when it’s time to take the act on the road. You might communicate with venues or make hotel arrangements. Without a superb coordinator, a tour can get chaotic and nearly fall apart.

4. Radio Music Director

If you have an expansive taste in music, you might also consider working for the radio. A music director gets to pick the different songs that the station will play. You get to be the expert on what’s popular and get the word out about certain music artists.

Musicians are supported by a variety of people in the industry, and there are jobs for people with all different types of skills and expertise. Decide what it is you do best and pursue a career that celebrates those talents. Your dream of working with musicians doesn’t have to end just because you can’t carry a tune.