Today’s Most Innovative Plumbing Techniques

There was a time when plumbers had to use a lot of guesswork in order to locate, diagnose and repair problems. As new technology has been discovered, these skilled professionals are able to do a much more efficient job of tackling plumbing issues. More accuracy and less invasive techniques make these problems less devastating for homeowners.

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No-Dig Repairs

One of the worst problems with needing sewer pipe repairs or replacements is the destruction such a task can cause. Many companies use trenchless pipe repair techniques that eliminate the necessity of digging up the landscaping in order to get to the plumbing system.

For smaller scale damage, an adhesive can be pumped through to fill in the gaps. Pipes can also be completely blown out to make way for a brand new pipe, all without ever breaking the ground.

Smart Leak Detection

By putting sensors inside the pipes, it becomes a lot easier to find leaks when they happen. Catching an issue like this quickly can prevent long-term water damage and other home deterioration. It also saves homeowners and their plumbers the time to track down a leak. It’s often really difficult to find the source, even when you know water is going into places it shouldn’t. 

Diagnostic Cameras

The problem with sewer lines and any plumbing system is that it’s difficult to access. When there are blockages inside the pipes, you can’t see what’s really going on unless you open it up. To avoid that kind of destruction, the solution may be to clean out the lines aimlessly until the obstruction is clear.

Diagnostic sewer cameras can maneuver inside the pipes and send information back to a monitor. This allows plumbing professionals to see what’s really going on, so they can better target their efforts.

New techniques have taken all of the guess work out of plumbing repairs. Skilled specialists are now able to tackle problems accurately without causing additional damage.