Probiotics: The Good Side of Bacteria

When discussing bacteria, some may think about illnesses and diseases, but there are bacteria that are helpful to the body. Probiotics are supplements that contain good bacteria like lactobacillus that can improve a person’s health. Probiotics can be added to a diet through foods like yogurt or supplements found over the counter like Metagenics Ultraflora Balance. Read on to learn some of the benefits of adding probiotics to your diet.

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Improvement of Heart Health

Probiotics have been shown to improve blood pressure and lower the “bad” cholesterol in patients. In the stomach and intestines, the healthy bacteria help break down cholesterol as the food is digested. This early breakdown leads to less cholesterol entering the bloodstream.

Improvement of Gut Health

The natural bacteria in the stomach and intestines are sensitive to changes in diet, illnesses, and medications. An improper bacteria balance in the gut can lead to diarrhea. Probiotics add good bacteria back into the gut, helping to relieve symptoms from chronic issues like irritable bowel syndrome.

Improvement of Allergy Symptoms

Studies have found that pregnant women who ingest probiotics regularly have children who are less likely to develop eczema as they grow. Similarly, children with eczema who receive probiotics in their formula have less severe symptoms.

Improvement of Mental Health

By increasing the health of the stomach, mental health and clarity also improve. By balancing bacteria inside the gut, studies have found an increase in memory retention and decrease in conditions like anxiety, depression and stress.

Improvement of the Immune System

Probiotics can increase the body’s ability to produce natural antibodies against illnesses similar to the common cold. When taken regularly, probiotics can also decrease how long an illness lasts, leading to quicker patient recovery.

Bacteria can be beneficial to the body. By introducing good bacteria into your regular diet, you can combat a variety of symptoms and conditions that can affect your life. Probiotics are a great natural way to boost your immune system and improve overall wellness.