YouTube Launches Pop-Up ‘Experiential House’ in NYC

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YouTube has this week opened a new ‘YouTube House’ pop-up in New York, which includes a range of different elements of focus for YouTubers and showcases the various aspects of the platform’s offerings.

As you can see, YouTube House includes dedicated areas for YouTube TV, YouTube’s recently expanded TV-alternative offering, YouTube Gaming, virtual reality, a fitness studio, a kitchen and YouTube Music. In addition, YouTube will also be selling creator merchandise – which is all great, it looks interesting, impressive even. But the purpose of the pop-up is not entirely clear.

Normally, brands use pop-up experiences like this to promote a new offering – in this sense, it’s possible that YouTube’s looking to primarily push YouTube TV, but there’s no definitive, clear direction as to where YouTube is looking to draw attention. YouTube has just recently decided to scale back its investment in exclusive programming, so the pop-up may, originally, have been focused on its new programs, but since changed direction as a result.

It’s also, as pointed out by 9 to 5 Google, not entirely clear who can attend the new pop-up experience – whether it’s open to the public or only creators (we’ve asked YouTube for more information on this).

Still, it’s an interesting initiative, which could be even more interesting if YouTube looks to take it on the road and visit other cities.