Why Your Business Absolutely Needs a Power Analyzer

Ever since the invention of electricity, humans have increasingly harnessed its power to make life easier and more efficient. However, the amount of electricity used today is phenomenal compared to even a few decades ago. The cost of this electricity can be a major expense in a variety of situations, whether it is an office full of computers and phones, a school open late with students reading under fluorescent lights, or a shop filled with whirring machinery. If you own a business or any large building or are responsible for cost control in any capacity, you owe it to yourself to seriously consider installing a power analyzer. The capabilities of power analyzers have the potential to make your operation leaner and more efficient while providing valuable peace of mind.

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What is a Power Analyzer?

If you have never heard of this before, it’s okay. You are about the learn the secret weapon of many successful manufacturing directors and production plant managers. Power analyzers are used to track metrics surrounding the flow of power in an electrical system, which is crucial to owners, operators, and managers in every field, especially with increasing costs in recent years.

Modern power analyzers frequently come with the ability to store data and then transfer it to a computer using USB ports or an SD card. This allows for detailed tracking and analysis at the leisure of the person in charge. Typical measurements include current strength, voltage, and amounts at peaks and average running times. A host of other parameters can be available as well, depending on the make and model of the power analyzer.

By implementing a power analyzer to your electrical grid, you will quickly be provided with updated, in-depth data and analytic tools to help you reduce waste and identify periods of emerging expenses. Watching for “hotspots” in your system through efficiency mapping can also reduce the risks of high-use power circuits such as blown fuses and electrical fires.