Here’s What Services You Can Expect From Most Chiropractors

Just over 100 years ago, Daniel David Palmer developed the practice of chiropractic, a field that sought to put spinal cords back in place. Spines that are misaligned, also known as subluxation in medical terms, were said to have directly caused all health issues. Although we know this isn’t true today, spinal manipulation doesn’t cure everything as Daniel David Palmer thought. Still, it’s one of the go-to tools in chiropractors’ bags of tricks.

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Spinal Manipulation

This type of service is the bread-and-butter of chiropractic. Although chiropractors manipulate joints, bones, and other body parts from head to toe, spinal manipulation is what works best for most patients. Chiropractors aim to put bones back where they should be, to describe their goal in laymen’s terms. In most cases, joints and other parts of the body that are in pain are only moved a few centimeters via chiropractic manipulation, though these few centimeters are more than enough to relieve clients’ pain levels.

Referrals To Other Doctors

In some states, chiropractors can provide valid referrals to patients, sending them in the right direction to get help for the health problems that are plaguing them. One of the most common types of referrals is to pain management doctors. Most people who go to chiropractors are in moderate to severe pain. Since chiropractors can’t prescribe medications, the best they can do is refer such patients to physicians who deal with patients affected by chronic pain for a living.

Lifestyle Assessment And Advice

Diet, exercise, stress, and lifestyle are, more or less, the most important things that people need to deal with. Not exercising causes the body to get out of shape, potentially resulting in unnecessary pain because sufferers don’t exercise. Patients’ diets, even if they seem to be healthy, are often filled with foods that are known to cause inflammation, swelling, and pain. Chiropractors are good at working with patients to eliminate such sources of pain, or at least reduce pain levels by a significant margin. If you’re in pain, have been for a while, and not sure what causes it, get out and see a chiropractor or provider of physical therapy in Brandon, FL.