3 Tips for Becoming a Spy

We’ve all had dreams of being a spy. While many of those dreams and the expectations that go with them are fairly unrealistic, it is technically possible to achieve the status of a spy with the right training and dedication. It’s unlikely everyone reading this is going to run off to join the CIA to become a fully fledged intelligence operative, but if you’re curious about some of the things you can do to improve your skills in spycraft as a civilian, here are three tips for becoming a spy you can do in your everyday life.

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1. Take Notes

The largest part of a spy’s career isn’t fist fighting colorful henchmen on the rim of nuclear reactors of sexily walking out of the ocean, but simply collecting information. A keen deductive mind and the ability to recall what you learn are essential skills to the spy, so to practice this, try taking notes during the day. They don’t have to be about anything in particular; just jotting down small observations on the colors of cars, hairstyles, license plates, and the like you see. Overtime, you’ll train your mind to observe and recall these details instantly. Extra points if you can do it without anyone else noticing.

2. Dress the Part

While a tuxedo or a big overcoat at classic looks, walking around like that is a good way to make sure everyone is suspicious of you. Instead, just dress as you normally do when you’re doing your espionage, as blending in is generally more important than looking cool. Different types of undercover clothes are good, too, as they allow you to surreptitiously hide useful gear on an otherwise normal outfit.

3. Learn to Act

What use is a spy who gets caught the moment they open their mouth? Being able to convincingly fool otherwise or talk your way out of situations is necessary when the chips are down, since whipping out a gun or trying to lose your pursuers in a car chase are typically much more successful in movies than in real life. Take some classes, read some guides, or do anything else to help you more convincingly “act normal” for lack of a better term. Above all else, remember that unshakable confidence is your greatest ally in convincing others of what you want.

Though you probably won’t be traveling the globe to save humanity from an eyepatched mad scientist wanting to blow up the ocean, these three tips on how to become a spy can help you build an interesting and useful skill set related to investigation.