Fortnite Account Merge Feature Is Finally Live for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

Fortnite Account Merge Feature Is Finally Live for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

Epic Games has finally begun rolling out the much-requested Fortnite account merging feature that allows people to link different Fortnite accounts that they created on various consoles. Fortnite supports cross-platform multiplayer now but that wasn’t the case until very recently as Sony had refused to allow Cross-Play on the PS4. Many Fortnite players, therefore, had one account on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and a separate account on the PS4. Now these players can link the separate accounts, as confirmed by Epic Games. There are several conditions to be met to use the Fortnite account merge feature without issues.

Epic Games has said that to use the Fortnite account merge feature, you will have to ensure that one of your Fortnite accounts played on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch before September 28, 2018, and the other one on PS4 before the same date. If you created the account after that date, it can’t be merged. If your account is disabled or banned, it is not eligible to be merged at least until the ban is lifted or the account activated.

You can choose which Fortnite account you want to make the primary account and link the other as a secondary account. Once you link your accounts, you will see a banner in the Fortnite lobby with a countdown timer until your in-game items are merged. Epic Games said items and V-Bucks will be held for two weeks before they are merged into the primary account. If you don’t have access to any of the email addresses linked to your accounts, your Fortnite account can’t be merged.

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All cosmetic items from the battle royale mode will be merged into your main Fortnite account. From Save the World, you can migrate the following items: Llamas, Defenders, Heroes, Schematics, Survivors, XP, Evolution and Perk Materials. Unfortunately, Unreal Marketplace items, Save the World account level, and progress will not be merged from your secondary accounts. So be careful which account you make the primary account.