A Good Start to Your Child’s Education

Children grow up so fast. One minute you are shopping for diapers, then all of a sudden you are looking at pre-schools.

As you begin planning for your child’s first educational experience, you will likely find there are many choices to select from. By acknowledging certain criteria, you can narrow your search and clarify if public options or Sammamish private schools are more suitable for you.

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An Individualized Approach

Though good teachers are found in all types of settings, they will always perform best when the ratio of students to teachers is low. Unlike public institutions, private schools can dictate the number of children they will enroll each year. This freedom helps to control classroom sizes, allowing teachers to shine and ensuring your child gets the individual attention they deserve.

Feeling Involved and Invested

Once your child heads off to school, you may feel less involved in their daily activities and experiences. In the private school setting, parents are encouraged to participate and invest not just their money, but also their time and knowledge. Operating more as a partnership between parents and faculty, private pre-schools value the commitment you have for your child’s education and promote open communication for everyone’s benefit.

Only the Best For Your Kid

You want the best for your child and will likely do whatever it takes to get it. Since private establishments have the power to create unique curriculums, control enrollment, dictate the caliber of teachers they employ and set budgets that can achieve these goals, getting the best is not so difficult. With a variety of educational models to choose from you should not have to settle for anything less.

Pre-school is just the beginning of your child’s educational journey, so consider your priorities as you compare public and private institutions. Providing them with a solid foundation now will help them succeed and thrive in the future.