Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Visit

It is common for adults to have a fear of visiting the dentist. This usually stems from a negative experience they had when they were a child. You can do a lot to help your child avoid this type of fear by preparing them for their first dental visit.

The first time your child visits the dentist, the visit is likely to be very short. It is unlikely that your child will need any treatment, especially if you take them when they are quite young and do not have any dental issues. Dentists usually recommend that parents take their child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears. Sometimes dentists will ask a parent to sit in the dental chair with the child.

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The dentist is going to examine your child’s teeth. The dentist will look for decay and will examine the child’s jaw and gums. Some of the topics the dentist may discuss with you include cavity prevention, good oral hygiene practices, teething, proper nutrition, and developmental milestones.

You want to visit a dentist who specializes in working with children. It is good to do research before visiting the dentist to make sure that the dentist has received the right training. When you visit the dental office for the first time, it should be obvious that it is designed for children. The staff members should be friendly. The dentist and the workers will likely be wearing designer medical scrubs that are designed to amuse children. The waiting room should have toys and other things to keep children busy.

Visiting the dentist does not have to be something that is scary. If you prepare your child for the their first visit and make good oral hygiene practices fun, you will be setting your child on a path to having a healthy smile. Dental visits should usually be scheduled every six months to a year. The dentist will tell you a good schedule to keep after examining your child’s teeth and bite. They may recommend braces at an early age if they feel they are necessary.