Tips to select the right builders in Delhi while buying property

Buying a home? Just as the location is important in buying the right property, choosing the right builder too is as crucial. Read this post to find out some tips to select the right builder before you zero in on your prospective buys.

Buying your ‘own’ home is every person’s dream. There is so much which goes into making your home whether it is financially or by any other means. Every day new builders are offering new and innovative residential schemes to lure maximum buyers into buying residential properties from them.  Hence, as prospective buyers you need to extra cautious before you sign the dotted line. This post helps in providing some useful tips which buyers in Delhi must keep in mind while buying their dream home.

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  • Name and reputation of the builder

First and foremost, the name of the builder, his reputation, quality of construction, goodwill and reputation of his firm, etc., should figure at the top of the list of considerations which every buyer must bear in mind.  One helpful tip, in this case, is always to go for a trusted name instead of a first timer as then you are rest assured of the quality of his constructions and don’t have to worry about the builder duping you by any means.


  • Location of the property

Another crucial point of consideration is the location of the property. This is dependent on several factors like proximity to your workplace, in case if you have kids, then access to good quality schools and colleges, etc.  Keeping this in mind, these days’ builders in Delhi offer residential schemes in prime areas which have good access to all the major facilities like offices, schools, and colleges, etc. Hence, it is always a good idea to inspect the property few times before you zero in on the final one as that will help you to understand the value of the property in a much better way. Also, check for the details of the property on which the project is expected to come up. Check if the title to the property is clear. It is always good to check it yourself!


  • Approvals and licenses from the concerned authorities

Building any project whether residential or commercial involves a host of different licenses, approvals, permits and sanctions which the builder is supposed to take from the concerned authorities even before the project takes off. Hence, as a responsible buyer, it is your duty to check if all the plans are sanctioned and are in line with FSI which is approved by the authorities.


  • Facilities and amenities which they are ready to offer

Always be clear on what you want. Why settle for less when you can get everything?  Always check what all facilities and amenities the builders are ready to offer you. Keep in mind what your requirements are. For instance, facilities like gym, children’s play area, garden, etc. are some of the facilities which are offered by almost every builder. So be very clear about your specific needs and requirements are.


  • Opt for bank approved schemes

This is one of the standard practices which builders adopt these days. Once they fix on the area in which they plan to start their projects, they approach many banks to get approval on the projects in bulk. So when you approach any of their approved banks, banks are more than happy to sanction you a loan which they have already approved of. And since the banks have pre-approved the project, it gives you a sense of relief as far as the credibility of the project as well as of the builder is concerned.

Just keep these points in mind while purchasing your dream home and you will be able to enjoy your lifelong dream of having a house of your own without any troubles and worries!