Delhi University’s Hansraj sets up five centres offering skill-based courses

Delhi University's Hansraj sets up five centres offering skill-based coursesNew Delhi: Delhi University’s Hansraj College has set up five new centres to promote skill development and entrepreneurship which will offer certificate courses in 25 subjects from January 1.

The five centres — Centre for Social Change, Centre for Innovative Ideas, Centre for Environment Awareness, Centre to Promote Self Employment and Gandhi Bhave Study Centre – were inaugurated here on Tuesday.

“These five centres would be run by a set of collaborators at the North Campus college with courses varying from a week duration to six months,” said acting Principal of

Hansraj College, Rama Sharma.

“We are providing the opportunity for our students to take skill-based training while pursuing their degrees. Students have already registered for computer and media courses. We have seen that students know Facebook and Twitter these day but other aspects of computer which are useful in daily life and also for doing something worthy are not learnt by them. It will be enriching for them,” she added.