Smart drugs are cognitive enhancers that are known to increase the attention levels and boost memory. Concentration levels and memory declines due to a number of factors like consumption of alcohol, lack of sleep, stress and many others. These drugs are known to fight such stress and anxiety related disorders.Read More →

Playing games online and making money should not be such a hard thing. Really it is not that hard. But a lot of people do make it hard on them. Over 90 percent of players online do not make any money.If you are serious in making money take a goodRead More →

As the West gets drier and hotter, the past few years have been some of the most destructive on record for wildfires. Homeowners who previously thought their property was safe from the embers might find themselves too close to the inferno’s edge—with no idea how to protect their house and belongings in the case of anRead More →

Extreme sports superstar Shaun White—nicknamed “The Flying Tomato”—is sellinghis remodeled Mid-Century Modern home in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. This is one of the many homes belonging to the skateboarder/ snowboarder/entrepreneur. If you’re a fan of chic Mid-Century decor in a prime location, plus a swimming pool, then read on for how toRead More →

When most people think of redoing a dated ’70s- or ’80s-era kitchen, their first instinct is usually: Knock down a wall! Open up the space! Buy some gleaming, modern appliances! All fine ideas, but, sadly, not within everyone’s reach, financially oraesthetically. Maybe you’re part of the emerging backlash against openRead More →