From Lana Del Rey’s hats to One Direction: what’s hot and what’s not on Planet Fashion this week

Picture hats: Lana Del Rey-approved.Going up

H&M makeup Now instore and under a tenner. Why has this taken so long?

M&S ribbed co-ords Like posh, warm, fashion-friendly pyjamas you can wear outside.

Sunspel underwear Simple and sporty without being techy. We like.

Bone china blue The colour of the walls at the new Erdem store. Visit to get a colour match.

The palms of your hands Crucial to the tricky AW15 task of putting on 10 denier tights, appaz.

Picture hats Lana Del Rey-approved, as seen on the cover of her new album. Add a 1950s convertible for the full look.

Going down

‘Inspo’ Sorry to be a stickler, but this shortening of “inspiration” makes no sense.

The head tilt No, fashion bloggers, this doesn’t make you look kind and approachable in photographs.

Ikea It’s still available only in the US, but Grey Cork is more affordable, tool-less, flatpack furniture that doesn’t scream “budget”. We want.

Hollywood blockbusters Tangerine, a film that deals with immigration and LA’s trans community, shot entirely on an iPhone 5 for less than $100k. Take that, Pirates Of The Carribbean.

One Direction With the 1D dream over, 90s revivalists are now listening to EYC. Contemporary boy bands are so beta.

The end of the Labour leadership election Whoever wins, we’ve enjoyed the style wars.