First look: AMD Radeon R9 Nano compared to the Fury, a tiny GTX 970, and a pencil

radeon nano hero
AMD’s itty-bitty Radeon R9 Nano isn’t due to launch until September 10, but a review unit landed on my doorstep today. Sadly, I can’t talk about its performance until then, but an AMD representative gave me permission to tweet out some pictures.

So here’s a sneak peek at the AMD Radeon R9 Nano’s size versus a few other cards, as well as some household objects for scale, courtesy of some embedded tweets. It’s awfully darn small.

Since I can’t say anything more, be sure to check out PCWorld’s earlier look at the Radeon R9 Nano’s full tech specs and design details. This ultra-premium $650 graphics card packs a full, 4096-stream processor-strong Fiji GPU with high-bandwidth memory—cutting-edge technology that enables the card’s ultra-small form factor—and promises to bring 4K-resolution gaming to tiny mini-ITX PCs for the first time ever. AMD claims the card will deliver Radeon R9 Fury-level performance despite measuring a mere six inches long.That .gif is pretty epic.Will the reality live up to the hype? You’ll have to check in on September 10 to find out. But feel free to follow me on Twitter in the meantime, and AMD’s holding a Twitch livestream from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. Central Time Thursday, September 3, with prizes, surprises, and more info promised.