You Can Now View Amazon Prime Movies Offline

You Can Now View Amazon Prime Movies And Content Offline

Amazon has this week enabled the ability for Amazon Prime users to be able to download and view Amazon Prime content offline, just in-case an Internet connection is not always available to stream the content to your devices.

Beating its main competitor Netflix by rolling out the feature first. The new Amazon Prime offline content is supported by Android, iOS and Amazon Fire tablets and devices and will appear as an option is you are using a compatible device.

The time period Amazon Prime users have to view a downloaded video offline varies by title. Amazon explains more :

Download availability depends on our agreements with content owners. We’re constantly working to establish and enhance these agreements so we can offer a download option for as many Prime titles as possible.

If you’re using a compatible device, a Download option displays in the video details for Prime titles you can download. To download Prime Instant Video titles:

1. Make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi or wireless network. You need an active Internet connection to complete video downloads.
2. Find the Prime title you want to download and open the video details.
3. Tap the Download option. Tip: For TV shows, select the episode you want to download, and then look for the Download (“down arrow”) icon. 
Once the download is complete, a “Downloaded” or “check mark” icon displays in the video details.
A notification typically displays onscreen when the viewing period for a title is almost over. Onscreen notifications also display if you’ve downloaded the maximum amount of Prime titles (across all the devices on your account) and need to delete one or more to proceed with the current download.