Robin Cloud Smartphone Unveiled By Nextbit

Robin Cloud Smartphone

Running out of storage on a smartphone has always been a problem even if you opt for a more expensive piece of mobile hardware offering extended storage space. As you always find applications media and photographs to fill the available space.

Nextbit is hoping to change this and has developed a unique Android based smartphone that uses the cloud as its storage location and makes running out of space on your mobile a thing of the past.

Watch the video below to learn how the new Robin Android cloud smartphone functions and what it is capable of offering users in the way of storage. Its creators Nextbit explains a little more :

We made a smartphone that brings the power of the cloud to everyone with an integrated cloud OS. We made it because we’re tired of waiting on others. Because we believe in a cloud-first future. And because no one else was making the phone we wanted. This is the phone we want, and we think you’ll want it too.

Unlike anything before it — Robin has the cloud integrated right into Android OS, and it’s perfectly tuned hardware is optimized to take every advantage of it. It can do what others can’t — seamlessly expanding its storage online so you always have the space you need for what you want most. By tapping the unlimited potential of the cloud, Robin delivers beyond its specs.

Jump over to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website to make a pledge for the unique Android smartphone from $299. That comes supplied with 100 GB of cloud storage that can be expanded further as and when you need more.