Trai Notifies Tariff Amendments for Television Broadcasters

Broadcasting sector regulator Trai on Tuesday notified two tariff amendment orders as per which it has allowed broadcasters to enter into tripartite agreements with distribution platform operators (DPOs) and “commercial” subscribers for supply of signals of TV channels.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has also made a distinction between ordinary and commercial subscribers in these Tariff Amendment Orders (TAO) – one applicable for TV services being provided through analogue cable TV systems (Non-CAS areas) and the other applicable for TV services being provided through Digital Addressable cable TV systems (DAS).

As per the orders, a ‘commercial subscriber’ means a subscriber who causes the signals of TV channels to be heard or seen by any person on payment of a specific sum of money.

An ‘ordinary subscriber’ means a subscriber who is not a commercial subscriber. An official statement released here said that “total forbearance” has been prescribed both at the wholesale and retail level with respect to tariffs for commercial subscribers and the broadcasters have the option to enter into tripartite agreements with the Distribution Platform Operators (DPOs) and the commercial subscribers.

The statement also said that broadcasters have been mandated to offer their channels or bouquet of channels for commercial subscribers on non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

The broadcasters have also been asked to file their tripartite agreements, if such agreement is done with commercial subscribers, with Trai within 30 days of entering into such agreement.

The statement added that TV Signal to commercial subscribers have to be provided by DPOs only in accordance with “Policy Guidelines for Up-linking/Down-linking of Television Channels”.

These Tariff Amendment Orders have been notified in accordance with the March 9 order of the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) in the matter of Indian Broadcasting Foundation & Ors vs. Trai.

“It is expected that with the coming into force of these changes in the regulatory framework for commercial subscribers, distribution of TV services to commercial subscribers would be streamlined and would be available to them at competitive rates… It is also envisaged that it would balance the interests of all the stakeholders in the value chain and bring in complete transparency in business transactions,” the statement added.

Decor inspiration for a stylish wedding

Decor inspiration for a stylish wedding
Decor inspiration for a stylish wedding (Getty Images)

If you want to stand out among the crowd of wedding blogs and Instagram updates, get drones, shower fireworks and look to the Wild West and Woodstock as themes

Drones are in vogue
Those quiet, personal moments that weddings are about will be clicked by a good photographer; but if you want a bird’s eye view of the day/night, get a drone camera! Aerial shots are in vogue and most professional photographers can arrange for them. It can cost anywhere between Rs 20,000 and Rs 40,000, depending on the hours. Bengaluru-based Kumar JK hired one for his wedding, “I wanted a dreamy aerial view of my farmhouse wedding. The results were breathtaking.”

Woodstock-inspired decor
Themes in demand this season range from Wild, Wild, West to Woodstock-inspired bachelor parties. Music festivals like Coachella are inspiring weddings too. You have picnic-style dining, kitschy decor and casual grunge clothes. Says Sabah Sheikh, wedding planner, “Throw in some sparkle and silverware for the cocktail. Contrasting colour palettes like metallic teamed with black for decor sets the mood for the party. Vintage hand-stamped forks for cutlery, open bulbs, ferry lights, hand-drawn maps, all give a classy vibe.”

Hang the food!
Hanging salad stations, craft-beer live stations, doughnut dessert walls, olive oil-tasting bars and get-your-cupcake stations are just some of the food serving options you can choose from.

The second dress
Brides are no longer wearing just one lehenga for the wedding evening. Once the ceremony gets over, they change into something far more light, traditional and fun – all at the same time. Most brides are opting for gowns as the second dress, with Indian work on it.

Into the woods
Imagine walking down an enchanted forest, with lights twinkling on branches and a luxurious table setting that almost blends with nature. Says Anika Dhawan, founder, wedding planner, “Couples are romancing the woods at weddings. Bridal rooms in a forest with drapes, roses and mogra are in huge demand.” Adds Ajay Modgil, wedding planner, “The new wedding venue is the botanical garden, where the green setting apart, fresh organic cuisine — farm-to-table — is served.”

Golden sparkle
Muted gold is this season’s luxe colour. You’ll see wedding cakes with a touch of metallic gold, gold-dusted cupcakes, golden frames at the food table, golden glitter vases to flatware for decoration etc.