Private pictures and video of Emma Watson and other celebrities leak online

Photos apparently stolen from Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and other female celebrities have been posted on 4chan and Reddit, drawing comparisons to a 2014 hack, grossly dubbed “The Fappening” that exposed nude photos and video of several celebrities. The hacker in that case, Ryan Collins, obtained the pictures from iCloud accounts via a phishing scheme and was sentenced last fall to 18 months in prison.

The images range from benign snapshots from clothing fittings to sexually explicit material. Several of the posts alleged that photos of other women might be leaked, as well.

“Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen. They are not nude photographs. Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further,” a spokesperson for Watson told the BBC.

After addressing the United Nations about gender equality, Watson said in 2015 she was threatened with a leak of nude photos. “I knew it was a hoax. I knew the pictures didn’t exist,” she said. “If anything, it made me so much more determined. I was just raging. It made me so angry that I was just like … ‘This is why I have to be doing this!’… So if anything, it actually, if they were trying to put me off it, they did the opposite.”

 Phishing scams have been behind several high-profile hacks, including that of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta during the 2016 election cycle. Hackers trick victims by sending links that appear to be from email providers that ask victims to enter their login details. The usernames and passwords are then stolen and used to log in to victims’ accounts and back up their data.

The methodology used here is not yet clear, but chatter on the 4chan message board, where many of the images began to be posted on Tuesday, indicate that they’re coming from private image sharing groups. Private groups of phisher/hacker collectors were involved in the last major celebrity hacking, as well. Salacious images of public figures tend to get traded around amongst these collectors and used as currency to expand their private stash.

Every once in a while, dumps of these images spill over into the mainstream, triggering public attention and investigation.

The Celebration of Sibling Love With Sets of Rakhis

RakshaBandhan brings back many memories of childhood and our heart just fills up with more love for our brothers and sisters. Rakshabandhan is one day that is dedicated to the love between a brother and a sister and like any other festival of our country this one id also celebrated with much fun, frolic, and excitement. The prime attraction of this festival is of course the rakhi thread itself without which the festival cannot be complete. You may get a set of 5 rakhis online or buy a set of three rakhis from your local market, but what matters the most is the look of the rakhi. The look and appearance of the rakhi thread has to be really admirable. In ancient times only a red or yellow thread was tied around a brother’s wrist to celebrate rakshabandhan but now with improvement of technology and flow of time, many innovation has been done over a rakhi.

Rudraksha Rakhi

From inexpensive beads and rudraksh to precious stones all glittering items are used to make this rakhi look gorgeous to heighten the celebration thrill. Pearl rakhi available in the market and especially in the online market is made up of real pearls and it shows how much you love your brother. Expensive stone studded rakhis are obviously going to cost you some money but again that’s ok because it is a once a year festival. If you have only one brother, gifting a precious rakhi is like an unsaid law.

Stone Designer Rakhi

Pearl rakhi

Gold and silver rakhis are also present in the market and they are equally stunning. But not too many people can afford it. You can give this kind of rakhis to your brother once in a five year and once given it becomes a lifetime asset. Unline other kind of rakhis, one cannot waste this rakhi because of the precious metal content in it.

Superman Kids Rakhi

There are many more innovation like designer rakhi where various design and art work is applied to make the rakhi look dreamy. Cartoon rakhi is an important element to make the kids of your house bubble with joy and excitement. There are too many cartoon characters and comic book superheroes that keeps these lovely kids motivated. Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America, Speider Man, He Man, ChhottaBheem, Chutki, Shaktiman, Pokemon, Doraemon, or Minion – there are many rakhis that are made with images of these characters. Rakhis of various types would surely make your celebration a colorful and vivacious one.


So, out of so many types, you can select any five as a set of five rakhis to surprise your brothers and cousins.

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Dress For Success!

You’ve aimed high in your career and have just identified a company that you’d like to work for.  Having done your research on the company, the position and the hiring manager, you’re now ready to nail the job interview. Oh, but what to wear?   You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.

Confirming your references, identifying the driving route to the interview and reviewing pertinent interview questions are all critical components to making a solid first impression. Browse the website, speak to the receptionist and attempt to gather as much information as possible on the culture of the organization.  If the entire staff is in jeans, and you show up in a suit, this won’t bode well.  While having polished attire is important, over dressing can be as much of a mistake as under dressing. If the office attire appears to be weekend casual, aim for business casual for the interview. If the office attire is business casual, aim for business formal.

Go over your dress selection at least two days prior to the interview. This will allow time for both dry cleaning and mending if necessary.  Keep jewelry and fussy accessories to a minimum. Not only can these overstate your attire, but they can be distracting as well.  A fresh haircut one week prior to the interview is also recommended.   Keep makeup to a minimum.  Have shoes polished and keep handbags smaller and more conservative.  Remove anything that references religious or political persuasions.  Most important, be comfortable. You clothing should fit well, but not be too tight or too loose.

The absolute most critical piece to wear to an interview for the best first impression is a genuine smile and relaxed self-confidence.  Remember, an interview is a two way street. You are interviewing the company as well. Is this the industry, culture and environment where you want to spend the next two – to four years of your life?   Put your best foot forward, know your background, be confident and you’ll nail the interview.  Once you have received an offer, all of your efforts will have been validated and well worth the time and energy spent. Good luck to you!

Ruth Hogben, Fashion Filmmaker, Pushes the Envelope

LONDON — “If I didn’t have fashion, I wouldn’t make films,” the director Ruth Hogben said. “People always ask me if I want to make feature films. No. I love fashion.”

Ms. Hogben was walking from the train station to her apartment in Dalston, in northeast London. She was wearing a Proenza Schouler top and skirt with Alaïa boots, her hair a dark blond bob. (It has been waist length and bright orange.)

With her laser-sharp focus and technical prowess, Ms. Hogben, 33, has become one of fashion’s pre-eminent filmmakers, a standout in a field that didn’t exist a few years ago. She makes online content for magazines like Another and Dazed & Confused. Recent commercial work includes advertising for Dior and Fendi fragrances, as well as imagery displayed at Hugo Boss stores. She has frequently collaborated with the designer Gareth Pugh; at one point her film was his runway show.

“We push each other to go further with each project,” Mr. Pugh said. His February show opened with Ms. Hogben’s eerie visuals of a model cutting off her hair before slathering herself with red paint. “We wanted to subvert the iconography of power and beauty,” he said. They are collaborating on his next show as well.

The model slathered in red from Gareth Pugh’s show, one of Ruth Hogben’s works.

Ms. Hogben’s films are featured in the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which runs through August. Shown as installation pieces, the films are compiled from footage of all of Mr. McQueen’s shows.

“It’s like I’m being taught by him,” she said as she walked up the carpeted stairs to the second-floor apartment that is also her studio. “I’m understanding who his woman is.” She speaks in a gruff, no-nonsense tone, her tough exterior belied by a collection of Bambi figurines on the wall behind her.

As an assistant to the photographer Nick Knight, Ms. Hogben co-directed the hallucinatory undersea fantasia films that played throughout Mr. McQueen’s 2009 show, “Plato’s Atlantis,” his final runway foray before his death. Ms. Hogben recalled a difficult but amusing editing process.

“He put me up in a nice hotel in Mayfair so I could be close to where he was living,” she said. “He’d come see me twice a day, and he’d say, ‘What is that rubbish you’re wearing?’ I’d say, ‘I haven’t been to bed in eight days.’ He challenged me beyond belief and was the most inspiring person: the language he used, his physicality, the way he talked.”

Mr. McQueen was delighted, she said, when he found out she was being paid in store vouchers — another opportunity to tease her about having pedestrian tastes. “He said, ‘I bet you’re going to buy one of those chavvy skull scarves aren’t you?’ ” she said. “I bought a camel cashmere coat, actually. He was impressed.”

Ms. Hogben defines herself as a feminist filmmaker, and whether overt or not, her ethos is an undercurrent in every project.

“Feminism is about equal power,” she said. “Every time I make a film, she has to be powerful, whether that is sexy or physically strong or the camera angle to make them look strong, I need to make sure everything empowers them.”

A view of Alexander McQueen’s “Plato’s Atlantis” at the Victoria and Albert Museum.CreditVictoria and Albert Museum, London

She continued: “I’ve struggled with this for years. Should my films not be sexy? Is that helpful for young women? It’s a complex, layered question.”

Katie Grand, the editor of Love magazine, often collaborates with Ms. Hogben. She created hypnotic images of the models Suki Waterhouse writhing atop a gargantuan Toblerone and Emily Ratajkowski cavorting with a towering stuffed panda. In another, the actress Gwendoline Christie of “Game of Thrones” danced and did jazz hands as fake snow pelted her. A new film will be released later in the summer.

“Ruth works like a photographer,” Ms. Grand said. “She has a definite eye for hair, makeup and clothes. And I don’t mean to be sexist, but generally crews on films are quite male dominated, and I think they are in awe of her.”

Occasionally Ms. Hogben has departed from fashion. A film for the ballet “Tree of Codes,” with music by Jamie xx, will have its premiere at the Manchester International Film Festival July 2 and will be shown in Selfridges stores. She directed Kanye West’s video for “Lost in the World,” and she worked with Lady Gaga on videos for her last two tours, including “Artpop” last year.

“They’re fun and fluffy and not like the first ones, which were darker,” Ms. Hogben said of the Gaga videos. (For “The Monster Ball,” the singer, in antlers, writhed in a net.) “Her art directors would say: ‘Ruth, there are going to be 7-year-olds seeing this. You’ve got to make something happier.’ This time I made films with bubbles and fluff, and there wasn’t any angst because I’m not in that place, and neither is Gaga. We’re both a lot happier than we were years ago.”

Ms. Hogben’s parents divorced when she was young. She divided her time between the London neighborhood of Brixton, where her father, a vicar turned bus driver, lived, and the country idyll of a village called Offord Cluny with her mother, a head teacher for a primary school. Ms. Hogben said she was deaf as a young child, and attributes her visual sense to that loss of hearing.

“I had my own language,” she said. “My brother would translate to my mom what I wanted or needed.” She won’t discuss the specifics of her malady, but said that at 7, her hearing returned.

A still from Lady Gaga’s ArtRAVE fashion film, “Jewels N’ Drugs,” directed by Ms. Hogben, which was used on tour.

“Someone flushed the toilet, and I thought a bomb had gone off,” she said. “I hid under things for weeks. I turned into this timid thing. I had years of speech therapy, and also I’m extremely dyslexic. School was not much fun, but I was very sporty. That’s how I survived education.”

A sense of fashion always permeated her athletics. (“I had an outfit change for everything,” she said, “if I was going to climb a tree or go Rollerblading or on the trampoline.”) She aspired to be a fashion photographer and studied photography at a small university in the Cotswolds. Upon graduation she moved to London with a dream of working for Nick Knight.

“She sent email after email,” said Mr. Knight, who hired her as an assistant in 2005.

Mr. Knight’s SHOWstudio is a hard-to-quantify entity, equal parts photo studio, web magazine and streaming portal. But at that point, fashion film as a medium was an undefined genre. Ms. Hogben started documenting the shoots taking place at SHOWstudio, which led to broader conversations with Mr. Knight about the possibilities of fashion film as a new art form.

“It was like light bulbs, fireworks in my head,” she said. “Clothes moving. All of the choices you can make with films. It was the most exciting thing I’d ever discovered.”

Her role morphed from being a photo assistant to the staff filmmaker, making films with Mr. Knight and directing her own. “I was lucky,” she said. “I could go: ‘Nick, do you like this? Nick, do you hate this? Is this O.K.?’ ”

In 2009, she set out on her own. “She’s probably the first fashion filmmaker as opposed to a photographer who makes fashion films,” Mr. Knight said. “She has an incredible understanding of women and movement and an absolute love for fashion. That is what it takes, that sort of obsession you see in people like Steven Meisel and Helmut Newton.”

Film is a firmly ensconced facet of fashion now. Every high-fashion company decks out its stores with video monitors, streams its shows and produces online films. Ms. Hogben is comfortable in her place in the realm.

“Every time I make a film, I feel something,” she said. “Whether it’s commercial or creative, I sit in front of my computer and answer questions to myself and feel fulfilled. I don’t care what is going on outside of that feeling, to be honest.”

Ralph Lauren Is Using Data to Revolutionize Fashion

Ralph Lauren Is Using Data to Revolutionize Fashion

In this post I look at the world of fashion and how Ralph Lauren uses data. The post first appeared in my column for Data Informed.

The way the world we live in is increasingly becoming digitally connected is impacting everything, and fashion is no exception.

Wearables are expected to become increasingly popular as the Internet of Thingstakes off – a process which is expected to accelerate with the imminent launch of Apple’s Watch.

Among the big names in high-end consumer fashion which have shown they are keen to embrace this new market is Ralph Lauren, which unveiled its connectedSmart Polo shirt at last year’s US Open.

Sensors attached to silver threads inside the shirt pick up movement data as well as heart and breathing rates, which can be monitored on the accompanying smart phone app, and potentially uploaded to the cloud for analysis, although the company has not yet released details of exactly how this will work.

And although this is firmly in the realm of sportswear – an industry which is already brimming with smart IOT tech such as the Babolat smart racquet and Addidas MiCoash smartball – Ralph Lauren has plans beyond that.

David Lauren, the son of founder Ralph, and in charge of global marketing for the company, told Wired “A lot will come in the next few months. We are a lifestyle brand, a major fashion luxury brand. I want to be able to gather this (biometric) information in a boardroom or from a baby in a crib. We’ll find new needs and we’re just at the beginning.”

Data drives every type of business

This is a clear sign that every industry is waking up to the potential benefits of smart, connected and Big Data-driven innovation, and no one wants to be left out. Effectively, all businesses are becoming data businesses.

Ralph Lauren first made its name with ties – so perhaps the Smart Tie is on the drawing board and will be featuring across both fashion and tech blogs in the near future?

A wealth of data is generated in the average board meeting – not just in what is said, but in the tone of voice of those who say it, and the biometric readings that could give clues about how we perform under pressure in corporate situations.

Solutions such as Hitachi’s Business Microscope offer opportunities to capture some of this, and integrating this functionality into clothing seems like a logical step.

For those who are wondering – yes you can wash the Polo Tech shirt, but you have to remove the slightly-larger-than-credit-card-sized Bluetooth transmitter first. The company is currently looking into ways that the device can be shrunk – perhaps eventually ending up the size of a button – or incorporated inside the fabric in a way that makes removing it unnecessary.

Trend forecasting

In the wider fashion world, Big Data is increasingly playing a part in trend forecasting, where social media data, sales data and reporting from fashion shows and influential publications is aggregated to help designers and retailers work out what are the season’s must-have looks.

Over the last few years the major players in every industry have had their eyes opened to the possibilities that technology, and in particular connected, data-enabled technology can offer them. No one wants to be left behind in the Big Data and Internet of Things gold rush.

The huge increase in the number of data science jobs advertised clearly offers opportunities for those whose aim is to work outside of Silicon Valley and the tech industry. And there are rich opportunities on offer for people with skills in data, but passions elsewhere – whether that’s in fashion, food and drink or finance.

Thank you very much for reading my posts. Here at LinkedIn and at Forbes I regularly write about management, technology and the mega-trend that is Big Data. If you would like to read my regular posts then please click ‘Follow‘ and feel free to also connect via Twitter, Facebook and The Advanced Performance Institute.

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About : Bernard Marr is a globally recognized expert in big data, analytics and enterprise performance. He helps companies improve decision-making and performance using data. His new book is Big Data: Using Smart Big Data, Analytics and Metrics To Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance’.

You can read a free sample chapter here.


Support the fashion industry – Model Victoria Michaels

International Model Victoria Michaels has appealed to the government to encourage, promote and support the Fashion Industry financially in order to boost the sector.

According to her, the support will go a long way to change the face of the industry as pertained in other African countries. She noted that financially some countries have pumped monies into the Fashion Industry and has made it what it is today.

“We can also do same,” she noted.

Speaking after being unveiled as the brand Ambassador for the African Fashion Week London (AFWL) over the weekend, Michaels expressed joy and said she is looking forward to the week celebration.

“I am optimistic that this would pave a way for all Ghanaian designers to showcase their talent. I hope to use this platform to project the Victoria Michaels brand and secondly to also create opportunities for designers and models who would like to go to this part [London] of the world.”

The Communications Director of Africa Fashion Week London, Yetty Ogunnubi, hinted that the AFWL organizers chose Victoria out of the lot because “she is passionate about the Africa fashion industry as well as made in Africa products and we felt like she is the best person to push the made in Africa products out [in London] there. That means Africa fashion designers and models”.

Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is Europe’s largest lifestyle and catwalk event of African-inspired design. It combines a collaborative catwalk and exhibition, highlighting the industry’s established and emerged African designers. This year’s event will attract hundreds of Designers, Businesses and Exhibitors from across the globe. It is projected that over 20,000 patrons will be attending the AFWL 2015 event.

This 5th Edition of the Africa Fashion Week will be climaxed by a Gala Dinner and Award Night at the Luxurious Dorchester Hotel in London. The event is expected to attract the crème-de-la-crème of Celebrities, Stakeholders, Business and Political leaders. It will be a night of glitz and glamour highlighting great international media presence.

Fashion and recycling go hand in hand for Yasmin

Yasmin Bridges showcasing a garment she made from recycled fabrics for the Peregian FashionFestival last year.

FASHION and recycling go hand in hand for TAFE Queensland East Coast fashion graduate Yasmin Bridges.

Her business Awkward Chat focuses on clothing ethically sourced and made from recycled materials.

“My philosophy is no matter how awkward it is, let’s have conversations about where our purchases come from and ask the questions like how are the earth and its inhabitants treated?” she said.

“We have so much choice in our world and we can make better choices if we ask the right questions.”

Talking about her experience at TAFE Queensland East Coast Yasmin said she loved the sustainable focus.

“I came to TAFE so I could learn the skills to create something from nothing and as such my process evolved since I studied there and now I’m even tutoring other students at TAFE and Awkward Chat is on the back burner.

“Learning pattern construction has meant my designs now have a better fit and are more wearable.

In the past, she “upcycled” clothing by draping it on a mannequin, pinning a new shape or design and then sewing it in place.

Yasmin's design board Connect Your Story in preparation for the Peregian Fashion Show and major assessment.

Yasmin showcased her graduate collection Connect Your Story at the Peregian Beach Food and Fashion Fiesta last year with one of her pieces being modelled partly made from the cover of a director’s chair.

“Everything I create is made from either second hand, reused or sustainably sourced materials and therefore is either limited run or one of a kind.

“My graduate collection was titled Connect Your Story to encourage questions and conversation about the human story behind the clothes we wear, reinforcing that we are all interconnected.

Yasmin said she liked to design characters doing something they love and to connect people buying with the makers and producers of the material.

“My fashion illustrations depict the women doing something that they love: jumping in puddles, taking photos, exploring, reading, and painting,” she said.

“They represent real people, living real lives, not just standing still and posing, disconnecting the viewer from their humanity.

“I am excited for the day when ethical fashion is able to drop the tag because it has become the standard.

“I would love to use my illustrations, creations, photographic styling and curiosity to learn about our world and to encourage the same curiosity in others.”



Rocket Internet’s Global Fashion Group (GFG), the German Internet platform’s fashion-focused umbrella group, announced yesterday (July 1) that it secured €150 million ($167 million) in funding from an internal financing round. Rocket Internet also announced plans to move two of its Brazilian online fashion businesses under the GFG portfolio.

In a company release, Rocket Internet said the financing will provide GFG with the additional capital needed to solidify its position as the “leading emerging markets fashion eCommerce company.”

“The proceeds will mainly be invested to strengthen GFG’s fulfillment, marketing and product development as well as to build the infrastructure to capitalize on the synergies between GFG’s market-leading online fashion businesses in Latin America, Middle East, Russia & CIS, India, South East Asia and Australia,” the company statement continued.

The latest financing round and acquisition of the two Brazilian fashion eCommerce businesses, Kanui and Tricae, is set to provide GFG with an implied post-money valuation of €3.1 billion ($3.4 billion).

Romain Voog, CEO of GFG, commented: “The additional capital will give us an exceptionally strong run-way and allow us to capitalize on the massive growth opportunity of fashion eCommerce in emerging markets. In addition, the strategic acquisitions of Kanui and Tricae enable the integration of two great businesses that have a natural fit with our Latin American brand Dafiti and are acquired at attractive terms.”

The acquisitions will bring some unique offerings to GFG. Kanui is a sports and outdoor business, focusing on the surf and skate lifestyle verticals as well as regular fashion apparel and sports equipment. Tricae is specifically focused on the fashion stylings of kids and babies.

Rocket Internet confirmed Kanui generated more than €30 million ($33 million) of net revenues in 2014, and Tricae was not too far behind, reportedly bringing in more than €20 million ($22 million) of revenues last year.

“We continue to be very excited about the prospects of international online fashion and GFG in particular,” stated Rocket Internet CEO and Founder Oliver Samwer.

“Romain and his team have made great progress in integrating the international businesses, and the acquisitions of Kanui and Tricae will add further to GFG’s presence and ability to realize synergies,” Samwer added.

What I wore this week: a long boho dress

Long boho dressThis year, there’s another thing to add to the long list of things I miss about the summer holidays: wearing dresses. Not from an aesthetic standpoint, so much as from sheer laziness: separates have dominated fashion for so long that I had forgotten the blissful ease of one-step dressing, the satisfaction of pulling a dress over your head and slipping into your shoes; of not having to fuss over whether to tuck in or half-tuck your shirt, or to worry about too-short tops that show your knickers when you bend over.

In hindsight, the years after Roland Mouret’s first Galaxy dress in 2006 were a golden era. All you had to do was find a simple, tailored dress in a block colour – tight in the places that suited, and with a bit of a drape in the places that didn’t – and you were dressed from office to pub to cinema, and on-trend.

Since the ascent earlier this decade of the snappily named feminine-minimal-utilitarian androgyny, separates have been it. Style has demanded a mastery of shirting and tailoring, and of the codes on when a sweater should be tucked into a skirt’s waistband and when shirt tails should hang free. The only truly fabulous dresses have been either too hot (and therefore only for evening) or too wet (fit for holiday, not business) to be truly useful. The wearing of day dresses – the block-colour, tailored kind – has become non-U. Let’s be honest: if you bumped into Kate Moss, she would totally call you a basic bitch.

So what I need now is a smart dress that I can wear in the daytime without looking too much like a daytime TV presenter. You need a dress that’s a little bit Bloomsbury, cerebral, but original and slightly offbeat. It must have long sleeves and a long skirt, and to balance that you need a bit of skin showing at the throat and a semi-fitted torso. I’m not going to pretend it is either as useful or as easy to wear as the Galaxy, but pickings are a little slimmer right now. The dress you are looking for is halfway between Lorraine Kelly and Virginia Woolf. At least no one can call that basic.

Jess wears dress, £160,

Styling: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Laurence Close at Carol Hayes Management