Professional Journals Enhance Dental Offices

When someone begins a private dental practice, they have high hopes and expectations for the quality of care they’ll provide. They think about the lives they’ll improve, the procedures that will bring relief to painful dental conditions, and of course, they think about how to enhance their business at the same time. A private practice isn’t just there to serve patients. It’s there to also provide an equally good life for the people who care enough to operate them.

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A dental office is a business just like any other medical practice. While patient care is first and foremost, and ethics play a prominent role in the business, there is still room to enhance business while at the same time improving lives. The Journal of Dentistry is one such professional journal that enhances the private dental practices set up by so many wonderful dentists.

When reading these professional journals, dentists are able to learn more about the most modern of all dental procedures and equipment. Anything that reduces procedure time and patient discomfort is an idea for the office. These journals lay out plainly what is going on in the world of dentistry and dentists who regularly read these journals will find themselves more knowledgeable, with a form of continuing education that enhances both their medical expertise and business.

The issues archives lead dentists straight to everything going on in the world of dentistry. It’s as simple as reading them in order to get inspiration for the business and professional side of dentistry. Millions of dentists are able to take advantage of a complete archive of such professional journals. The more a dentist reads, the more he or she learns about modern procedures and professional opinions of the people who are shaping the world of dentistry today.

Dentists care about their patients and want to provide the best possible level of care. It’s understandable that journals play a large part in keeping them up to date on things that will increase patient comfort and care. Memberships to these journals enhance private practice dentistry and provide the continuing education that these professionals need to continue finding better ways to treat dental disease and care. The membership typically costs a monthly or annual fee and from there, it’s possible to access the archives and open a brand new world that will improve the lives of so many patients.

Amazon Prime Reading Launched; Gives Unlimited Reading From Rotating Selection

Amazon Prime Reading Launched; Gives Unlimited Reading From Rotating Selection
US online giant Amazon on Wednesday launched a new “Prime Reading” program for US members of its subscription program, allowing unlimited reading of a rotating selection of e-books.

“Prime members can now enjoy unlimited reading from a rotating selection of books, magazines, comics and more – at no additional cost,” the online retail giant said in a statement.

The move ramps up Amazon’s effort to win over more Prime subscribers – which costs $99 for US customers (Rs. 499 in India) – with free shipping, access to its video service, music and more.

Amazon said the program would include “over a thousand popular books” as well as “rotating selection of fresh, full issues of top magazines covering sports, technology, cooking and home improvement, current affairs, notable people and more.”

It will also offer “short-form reads” from its “Kindle Singles.”
The service will be available on a variety of devices including Kindle tablets as well as Apple or Android-powered gadgets.

“Prime is the best deal in the history of shopping and today it got even better,” said Amazon vice president Greg Greeley.

“Prime members can now enjoy an awesome selection of books including ‘The Hobbit,’ ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,’ ‘The Man in the High Castle,’ plus magazines and more.”

Snapdeal Diwali Offers: iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Sony PS4

Snapdeal Diwali Offers: iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Sony PS4, and MoreJust like Flipkart, Snapdeal is also teasing all the offers that it is set unload as part of its Diwali celebrations. Snapdeal’s Unbox Diwali Sale is set to begin on October 2 and go on till October 6 (same as Flipkart), where great discounts and one-day deals on smartphones, tablets, and other electronics, will be up for grabs. The e-commerce giant is also giving away free prizes like the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and the Le Max 2 to few buyers in this five-day sale.

Snapdeal has partnered with Citibank, and all debit and credit card holders will get a 20 percent instant discount on purchases. There’s also a Bajaj Finserv no cost EMI plan for those looking to pay in instalments. This plan will eliminate the need to pay any down payment, or a processing fee.


On its Unbox Diwali Sale preview page, Snapdeal has highlighted that it will offer discounts on the iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Unlike Flipkart, Snapdeal hasn’t unveiled the temporary price cut that these smartphones are set to get, but looking at how big these annual sales are, it will hopefully be worthy. Other products that will get discounts include the Sony PlayStation 4 1TB variant, the Cannon EOS 1300D, and other home electronics and appliances.

Almost all the big electronics brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Micromax, Apple, Lenovo, HP, SeaGate, SanDisk, and LG are participating in the Snapdeal Unbox Diwali Sale. As the sale falls in a festive week, Snapdeal is hosting exclusive stores for Navratri and Diwali. There’s a separate lighting and puja store as well for buying products pertinent to religious ceremonies.
As mentioned, Snapdeal will give away prizes to buyers who purchase mobile accessories worth more than Rs. 750. Prizes worth Rs. 4 lakhs are up for grabs during the Unbox Diwali Sale, and the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and LeEco Max 2 are also included among the goodies. Furthermore, there is a guaranteed Rs. 100 off on prepaid orders above Rs. 750 from 9am to 9pm on sale days. As part of the Diwali sale, Snapdeal will amp up its Deals of the Day page and include more products with heavy discounts. This page includes products from all categories like electronics, garments, and home decor.

Be sure to register and save your card details on Snapdeal ahead of the sale week, in order to make the most of the big deals. As this is the biggest sale of the year, expect products to go out of stock soon. Ensure you get online early and make the most of the deals while it lasts.

Check out all the Snapdeal Unbox Diwali Sale offers.

Google Asks for Airspace Access for Project Loon Internet Balloons

Google Asks for Airspace Access for Project Loon Internet BalloonsGoogle, which is hoping to beam the internet to remote areas of the world via balloon, went before the UN’s aviation agency to ask member states to let it ply their airspace.

The company’s X Lab, which was created to pursue big-vision projects, said it hopes to establish a network of helium balloons floating in the stratosphere that will emit a powerful 4G signal to rural and difficult-to-access areas.

The new initiative – launched in 2013 and dubbed “Project Loon” – saw its first balloon take off from South America in February only to crash at a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, where it was discovered by villagers.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, had partnered with Sri Lanka to bring the internet to remote areas there. The country’s Information and Communication Technology Agency, which coordinated the tests with Google, described the landing as controlled and scheduled.

(Also see: Google Asked to Submit Fresh Proposal for Project Loon: Prasad)

Loon has “significantly improved the balloon design, manufacture and launch procedure,” X Lab told the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Wednesday, according to a document seen by AFP.

“The balloons are now robust, remaining aloft well beyond the targeted 100 days, and are launched through a custom developed auto-launcher, allowing rapid multiple launches,” X Lab told the organization’s executive committee.
After compiling publicly available wind data with its own flight data, Project Loon was able to model the stratosphere’s air flow, allowing its balloons to “change altitude to ‘catch’ the winds moving at the speed and direction necessary to a given service area,” the document said.

Alphabet requested the assistance of ICAO member states as they met for its 39th triennial assembly, asking them in particular to “establish bilateral or multilateral letters of agreement with adjacent states and Project Loon to allow Loon balloons to safely transit flight information region boundaries.”

“Safety and coordination with the international civil aviation community is very important to Project Loon,” a X Lab spokeswoman told AFP.

Loon is currently working to finalise a safety plan and set up its operations center.

In July, leading social network Facebook launched a similar attempt to bring internet access to remote areas via solar drones.

Tencent Becomes China’s Most Valuable Company

Tencent Becomes China's Most Valuable Company
China’s technology giant Tencent has become the country’s most valuable enterprise, Bloomberg reported Monday, beating state-owned telecom behemoth China Mobile and nearly reaching half of Apple’s valuation.

Tencent stocks surged 4.16 percent at closing on Monday on the Hong Kong stock exchange, to HKD 210.20, giving it a market capitalisation of HKD 1.99 trillion ($256.60 billion or roughly Rs. 17,07,636 crores), according to its company website.

The figure beat China Mobile’s market capitalisation of HKD 1.97 trillion as of Monday and put the technology giant as China’s most valuable company, Bloomberg News reported.

It also put the Hong Kong-listed firm amongst the world’s 10 largest public companies including the likes of Apple, the report said. Apple was valued at $580.50 billion (roughly Rs. 38,62,812 crores) based on its latest stocks quote.

Tencent’s share price has jumped nearly nine percent since August 17, when it reported a net profit surge of 47 percent in the three months to June, to CNY 10.74 billion.
Based in the Chinese southern export hub of Shenzhen, Tencent operates China’s biggest messaging service WeChat, through which a variety of businesses including gaming, advertising and social networking have flourished in recent years.

It agreed to buy Finnish game-maker Supercell Oy, creator of “Clash of Clans”, from Japanese mobile firm SoftBank for $8.6 billion in June.

Dropbox Confirms 2012 Breach Bigger Than Previously Known

Dropbox Confirms 2012 Breach Bigger Than Previously KnownDropbox confirmed Wednesday that a data breach discovered and disclosed in 2012 was bigger than previously known and according to one report could involve almost 69 million accounts.

The cloud-storage company said it reset the passwords last week of all affected users – people who signed up for accounts before the middle of 2012 and hadn’t changed their passwords since then. The company confirmed that more than 60 million accounts were affected. Vice’s Motherboard website earlier reported the figure.

“This is not a new security incident, and there is no indication that Dropbox user accounts have been improperly accessed,” Patrick Heim, head of trust and security at Dropbox, said in a statement. “We can confirm that the scope of the password reset we completed last week did protect all impacted users. Even if these passwords are cracked, the password reset means they can’t be used to access Dropbox accounts.”

While Dropbox sought to reassure users their accounts were safe, the incident was just the latest example of a technology company resetting only passwords of accounts they know for sure are compromised while leaving everyone else’s unchanged. Even highly sophisticated companies often don’t have a full accounting of what’s taken from them during a breach and their responses are often based on information hackers are selling online.
There’s no uniform approach to responding to hacking attacks, and companies have struggled with the legal and user-experience implications of resetting lots of people’s passwords at once.

eBay took an unusual tack after learning about a breach in 2014, when it e-mailed users suggesting they change their passwords, an approach that opened its more than 145 million active buyers worldwide up to phishing and other hacking attacks.

LinkedIn bungled its response to a breach the job-search site disclosed in 2012, when the company only reset the passwords of 6.5 million users whose information showed up on a hacker site, only later to have to disable the passwords of other users who might have been affected. In May, LinkedIn said it was re-opening its investigation of the breach, which might have been even bigger than the company thought, involving potentially as many as 117 million accounts.

Amazon’s New Vehicles Section Is a Car Research Resource

Amazon's New Vehicles Section Is a Car Research Resource

  • Website is designed to help people get more information on vehicles
  • Amazon already sells millions of car parts and accessories
  • Customers can leave reviews for cars

Although Amazon isn’t getting into the business of selling cars, a new section of its website is designed to help people looking for a new ride get more information on the vehicles out there. The Amazon Vehicles section of the massive online retailer went online Thursday.

Amazon already sells millions of car parts and accessories, but this is the first time it has taken a serious push to feature vehicles on the site. One selling point for Amazon Vehicles, according to the company, will be that customers can leave reviews for cars in much the same way as they can for any other item on the site.

“Amazon Vehicles is a great resource for customers who are interested in car information or looking for a broad selection of parts and accessories – all enhanced by the ability to tap into the knowledge, opinions and experiences of other car owners within the Amazon customer community,” said Adam Goetsch, director of automotive at

Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post.

 Amazon also has collected basic information on a number of vehicles, giving users easy access to attributes such as gas mileage and car dimensions. Users can compare different versions of the same model of car – the hatchback vs. the sedan, for example. Listings also contain safety information, including information on recalls.

The move positions Amazon against many well-known car research sites, including trusted names such as Edmund’s or Kelley Blue Book – which also list professional and consumer reviews for cars. While Amazon doesn’t have the same reputation on vehicles as these older sites, it appears to be banking on the fact that customers already on the site will find it convenient to get auto information at Amazon’s one-stop shop.

It will take some time for the site to get off the ground, however, because reviewers haven’t yet had time to leave much commentary. Someone looking at the new Amazon Vehicles section on Thursday morning wouldn’t have very much information from other drivers – many cars don’t have any reviews.

Amazon also doesn’t have a way for users to find dealerships selling the cars they want, which is an option on other car research sites. Instead, Amazon users can save a car to a “garage” on the site. Doing so will make it easier for people to find compatible car parts and accessories – where else? – on Amazon.


EU May Require YouTube, DailyMotion to Seek Deals With Music Industry

EU May Require YouTube, DailyMotion to Seek Deals With Music Industry

  • The agreement could take the form of a copyright licence
  • Google says YouTube has generated over $2 billion for rightsholders
  • The music industry says Content ID does not work well enough

Websites such as Google’s YouTube, DailyMotion and Pinterest could be required to seek licences or revenue-sharing deals with artists for content that is uploaded by their users as part of the European Union’s planned copyright overhaul.

The music industry has long complained services such asYouTube do not pay artists enough for their music and has urged regulators to close what it calls the “value gap”.

They say Alphabet Inc’s Google makes a vast amount of money from ad-supported services such as YouTube, but only a small share of it goes to the music industry.

The European Commission, the EU executive, is looking at imposing an obligation on platforms hosting user-uploaded content such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion to seek agreements with rightsholders “reflecting the economic value of the use made of the protected content”, according to a draft paper, seen by Reuters, listing the preferred options for the copyright reform.

The agreement could take the form of a copyright licence or a monetisation agreement such as sharing of revenue, an option that is already widely used.

 The Commission also wants online sharing platforms to put in place “appropriate and proportionate measures, such as content identification technologies, to ensure the functioning” of the agreements with rightsholders.

The proposal is still being discussed and the final version is expected in late September.

Google says YouTube alone has generated over $2 billion (roughly Rs. 13,400 crores) for rightsholders by striking licensing agreements with music labels and publishing societies around the world.

YouTube uses Content ID, which automatically identifies an artist’s content, to give rightsholders the choice of whether to leave it up, block it or monetise it through a revenue-sharing deal.

Google says over 98 percent of all YouTube copyright removal claims are done through Content ID and the music industry chooses to monetise 95 percent of its Content ID claims.

But rightsholders say they do not have enough bargaining power and are presented with a “take it or leave it” deal since the online platforms have no obligation to negotiate with them.

The draft paper said its proposals would likely increase revenues for rightsholders, but did not estimate by how much.

Google declined to comment.

The music industry says Content ID does not work well enough and subscription-based services such asSpotify generate more revenue for the industry despite having a smaller user base.

The Commission also wants to give news publishers a new right covering the online use of their content to give them more bargaining power vis-a-vis online players such as Google.

The media industry has often accused Google of making money at its expense by making its content freely available via Google News.

A Commission spokesman said granting a new right to publishers would not affect the way users share hyperlinks on the Internet.

“It would recognise their (publishers’) role as investors in content,” Christian Wigand said.


Connection of Casino Games and Celebrities

It’s quite normal to find celebrities at the blackjack pits or poker tables around the world. Some of them play in private rooms so that you never get to hear about their gambling fun. And like millions of people, there are numerous celebrities who prefer to indulge in casino gaming online, at popular casino sites like After all, if you want to enjoy a few games of slots or blackjack, there is no need to head to the land based casino, as you can enjoy these games from anywhere and at anytime at online casinos. We have compiled some of the keen celebrity casino gamers who enjoy a bet or two.

Ben Affleck is known to be an expert at poker tables, but he has also shown his talent while playing at the Blackjack pits as well. There was one particular weekend, when this superstar was seen staking $60,000 per hand at a blackjack table, and to the amazement of everyone, he walked away with a handsome windfall of $950,000. The dealers got lucky that day, as they were tipped not less than $150,000 by Affleck.

The Canadian-American poker player and actress Jennifer Tilly is more often seen at poker events than on screen these days. Back in 2005, she won World Series of Poker Ladies Only Event – No Limit Hold’em. Jenny Tilly has been part of various blockbuster movies such as Bride of Chucky, Liar Liar, Monster Inc., and more. In a television interview, she mentioned that she was more interested to following poker than acting. Her live tournament winnings exceed over $900,000.

Soul celebrity Gladys Knight used to love playing Baccarat and has even admitted losing £40,000 in a single night playing this game. It seems that since then, she has lost her interest in the game and is no longer found at Baccarat tables. She has reportedly completely stopped gambling in the past few years. She first started playing when she used to be a hermit over 30 years ago. It began with stakes of $1 and in the years the came it reached hundreds of thousands.

Tiger Woods, the living legend golfer was a regular at the MGM Grand’s Mansion, where high roller can gamble as much as they like and still keep a low profile. It is rumoured that he plays £25,000 for a hand of blackjack at The Mansion. There is no wonder, this rich athlete with a career earnings of over 1 billion has a limit of $1 million at this casino.

The American profession poker player Phil Ivey might be an act at the poker tables, but he is also known to be a keep craps lover. He used to get a marker for 200,000 and was playing $5,000 on the pass line. Michael Phelps, the most honoured Olympian ever, is also known to enjoy the game of poker and blackjack.

Playing secured for real money on the net

Playing secured for real money on the net can allow people to make money in a way that many of their competitors still do not believe is possible. Many people are under the impression that there is no career online. Lots of people are not even really aware of telecommuting, in spite of the fact that this is the way in which countless people make their living today. Playing secured for real money on the net can allow people to make money online in a way that is going to be more fun and enjoyable than the typical set of money making methods on the Internet.

Platinum Play online casino makes it particularly easy to earn real money online, even compared to many of its competitors. The extent to which people can earn real money online through online casinos is going to be governed by the size and nature of the welcome bonuses. Websites that have fairly small welcome bonuses are not going to give people the best opportunities, since even if they do manage to grow those bonuses through some successful wins, the wins are not going to be quite as successful by design. The websites that have much bigger welcome bonuses are more or less going to let people win a lot of money before they even get started, which can make all the difference in the world for them. People will be able to get these opportunities with Platinum Play online casino welcome bonuses, which is why playing secured for real money on the net is relatively easy at this location.

It should be noted that one of the other great things about Platinum Play online casino is the simple fact that this is an online casino that has a lot of excellent security features. This is an online casino that is actually going to manage to protect the private information of all of the clients, which is an extremely important consideration. People who manage to win major jackpots at online casinos may be able to completely change their lives in the process. However, managing to win jackpots on those levels will still mean that these people are going to make targets of themselves, at least to a certain extent. It is that much more important that the privacy settings on the online casinos that they frequent are able to protect them and everything that they have rightfully won.

The newer and less established online casinos may not have all of the privacy settings and encryption software types that people are going to need in order to completely ensure their safety, which is why it is a good idea to be as cautious as possible when it comes to playing secured for real money on the net. There are lots of opportunities to do so on the online casinos that have already become well established online, and it makes sense for people to stick with the websites like Platinum Play online casino. Some people might want to take a chance with some of the others, but they should make sure that those places are at least going to offer them some minimum levels of protection, like encryption software and privacy settings. It is possible to earn real money playing casino games, but people are going to need to be tech savvy about their new enterprise.