Facts About the Periodic Table

The Periodic table is a tabular representation of chemical elements ordered by their atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. Elements in the periodic table are unique and according to scientists, it is not possible to break these elements down into any smaller units. Here are some facts about the periodic table.

  • In the periodic table, elements are represented in the form of Chemical Symbol, the Atomic Number, and the Atomic mass.
  • The periodic table has 109 different elements.
  • Among the 109 elements, 90 of them are found in nature.
  • Out of these 109 elements, 19 are created in the laboratory.
  • Russian scientist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev formulated and invented the periodic table.
  • Carbon is one of the unique element which is known to form up to 10 million different compounds.
  • J is the only alphabet which is not in the periodic table.
  • Argentina is named after the element silver (Ag) which is Argentum in Latin.
  • The first artificially made element is Technetium.
  • Most of the elements present in the periodic table are metals.
  • The present periodic table has space for 118 elements.
  • The main difference between the Mendeleev’s periodic table and the modern periodic table is that the modern periodic table orders the element in increasing atomic number and the Mendeleev’s periodic table order the elements in order of increasing atomic weight.
  • The organization responsible for maintaining the periodic table is The International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry ( IUPAC ).
  • Mercury and bromine are the two elements which are liquid at room temperature.
  • Hydrogen being the lightest with atomic weight of 1 and uranium being the heaviest element in the periodic table with atomic weight of 238.
  • Do you know? Why is the table called the periodic table? It is because the rows are called the periods.
  • Helium was first discovered in sun despite it is the second most abundant element in the universe.
  • By the start of 19th century, more than 50 elements were discovered by the scientists.
  • When argon was discovered, it did not fit in Mendeleev’s columns, so Mendeleyev’s denied the existence of argon.

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The Best Practice for AIPMT Preparation

The arrangement for any selection test requires orderly basis, particularly when opening an intense nut like AIPMT, one of India’s most pined for undergrad medicinal placement tests. In this way, it is vital to work out an update methodology to completely cover each basic theme and to expert the exam. Here are some fast tips for your last minute arrangements and how you can cruise through this last fortnight before the exam day:

Tune Yourself

Tune yourself to NCERT by quickly re-examining every one of the themes. The way to break a selection test is to have clear ideas and to be careful with the essentials. Make a point to experience all the stream outlines, charts and schematic graphs as they help you in conceptualizing a subject all the more successfully in a moderately shorter timeframe. They’re additionally extremely essential in scoring reward marks in examinations.


Deal with your clock

Time administration is a demonstrated system that conveys accomplishment to AIPMT wannabes. Partitioning time between various subjects guarantees general meticulousness as well as gives your cerebrum enough time to absorb everything that you’ve concentrated on.


Tackle mock tests

Most recent couple of weeks ought to be spent honing mock papers and earlier years’ inquiry papers as they give you a solid thought regarding the way things will go amid the real exam. This will help you in astutely dealing with your time amid an exam and in self-assessment.

It will likewise help you understand your qualities and shortcomings. The way to achievement is to clean your qualities and next to each other work on your shortcomings. Likewise, see the returning points in each example paper and invest more energy covering them.


Plan visual-guides

It is less demanding to remember something which is outwardly fortifying. Setting up a prepared outline of vital responses, formulae and key ideas will help you in getting a handle on them quicker. You will likewise have the capacity to hold this data any longer. Plan and place these visual-guides in spots where they always appear before your eyes.


Mark returning inquiries and themes

As you’re always rehearsing earlier year question papers and ridicule papers, mark returning inquiries and subjects and particularly dedicate more opportunity to them to guarantee that you totally conceptualize it. A standout amongst the most productive activities is to recall the key themes and casing inquiries of your own. This will give alternate points of view on the subject and will likewise help in the event that there is a trap question in the exam.


Abstain from concentrating on from new material

Distinctive study materials and writers have diverse written work styles and a totally exceptional strategy to approach an issue. They can extraordinarily change from each other and can absolutely puzzle you in the most recent few days of your planning. Try not to utilize study material that you’re not usual to as this will stir up your ideas and lead you to a condition of absolute disarray. Adroitly hold fast to the NCERT reading material and the study materials you’re constant of. Experience the rundown of each section which gives you a brisk look at exceptionally imperative focuses secured in the part briefly.

Be patient and work in cool environment to crack the best way of your preparations. Although there is no matter of preparation, one can get such things to be initiate on immediate basis. Preparation will take place from the day one to till the end of the sessions of your entrance examinations. Check out best books, practice well and do the best in examination test.

Why You Should Not Miss Out on Giving JEE Exam?

iit-jee-question-paper-and-answerOne of the most sought after and attended entrance examination in India is the JEE. Thousands of students prepare for JEE every single year and appear for it, either with their customary 12th standard board examinations or post it. Before we get onto learning, why it is a must for you to appear for the JEE exam, let us first evaluate, what the JEE is.

What is JEE?

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination. The entrance examination is conducted in India and is a nationally recognised entrance test for students aiming to enrol themselves in reputable engineering institutes throughout the country.

The base of selection:

The rank or marks scored in this common entrance examination forms the base for selection in any and every leading engineering institute. The two institutes that are recognised as the father o the JEE are the Indian Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Technology.

Things you need to know about JEE:

There are a number of things you should be aware of when planning to appear for the JEE.

  • The former system required students to sit for two separate examinations, namely IIT-JEE and AIEE, for the IIT and NIT, respectively. Later on the system was revised to form a single entrance test, namely the JEE.
  • The conducting body for JEE in India is CBSE. Only students who have taken up science as their major stream in 11 and 12 standards can appear for JEE.
  • The aim of the entrance test is to through candidates with the potential to enter the different streams of engineering.

Two divisions of JEE:

The JEE is divided into two parts, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. To appear for the JEE Advanced test, a student has to first score a specific grade or level of marks in JEE Mains. The level of institutes that a student can find his/her way into, after successfully completing the JEE Advanced Exam are the IITs and the NIT. To be able to be considered for the leading engineering institutes students should have a good All India Rank. From 2016 onwards the board will determine the rank on the combined basis of the JEE Mains results and the 12th standard boards results. Hence both these examinations will be of optimum importance from here on.

Why you cannot miss out on appearing for the JEE?

There are a number of reasons that make it absolutely imperative for students to appear for the JEE. Some of these reasons include-

  • Students who have taken up Science as their stream in 11 & 12 have a number of career options to choose from, with Engineering being one of the top options, amongst medical, research, etc. Appearing for JEE will allow you to create more potential career routes for you. Success in the JEE means a place in a leading engineering college and a promising career ahead. The sooner you appear for it, the better your chance to get through the best colleges.
  • From 2016, CBSE, the conducting body for the JEE, will be releasing the results for both boards and the JEE Main together. This makes it important that you prepare for the JEE alongside your boards and appear for it, right after.
  • Since CBSE will be taking results of both boards and JEE Main 2016 into consideration to form the All India Rank of every student appearing for the exams, it is important that you appear for the JEE alongside your Boards. Missing out on the opportunity might lower your chance to score a higher rank.

Most importantly, the main aim of appearing for the JEE is to create a potentially banking career for yourself in the field of engineering.

Tips for Using TV Time to Educate Your Children

As parents, we face a new challenge in the education of our children. This is because children today don’t learn the same way we do. They are born in the digital age. Many young people can’t imagine life without computers and smart phones. They think differently and they learn differently.


A recent study showed that children today are spending more time on technology than ever before. The Kaiser Foundation showed that the average child spends about 2.5 hours watching TV daily.  While you may think that the solution would be to turn off the TV, the study also showed that children spend a further 3 hours on video games and the internet. Some of this time includes that spent out of the home and far away from your supervision. For this reason, more innovative solutions are needed for effective education.

While you may still be recovering from the shock of these figures, you can think about it in another way. While children spend a lot of time in front of the TV and using other devices, this time can be turned into a productive time. TV can be used to effectively educate and stimulate your children as Megan Wood demonstrates in her article.

The following tips will help you turn TV time into a learning session that will help your children develop and learn.

  • Set time for watching TV

Set a specific time within which your children can watch TV. Let them know that watching TV is a privilege and not a right. They should have completed their chores, homework or other activities before being allowed to watch TV.

You can have your children participate in selecting the time they would like to watch TV. This ensures that they choose the programs they watch wisely.

  • Look for quality content

Be sure to select quality content for your children to watch. This should be content that is educational. It should teach children values or be related to something they are learning at school.

Look for channels that offer quality programs. Search through content on popular TV service providers like WOW Cable.Subscribe to a TV service provider that will provide you with high-quality content for your children’s viewing and education.

You can involve your children in selecting content to watch. Turn this into a fun game and help them select content that will help them develop.

  • Watch TV with your children

Take time to watch TV with your children. Ask them questions about what they are watching. What do they think about what is happening? What would they have done in a similar situation? This will help them concentrate on what they are doing. It enhances memory and analytical skills. They’ll learn to analyze situations and make decisions about what is right or wrong too.

  • Monitor TV time

If you can’t watch TV with your children, keep an eye on what they are watching. Be sure to use parental control features to ensure that they don’t gain access to less-than-desirable content.

10 Ways Parents Can Hurt Their Child’s Career Chances

Kishore’s mom was happy when he changed his job location from Delhi to Bangalore as she couldn’t effort missing her son. Its impact was seen in his subsequent appraisal when he missed the chance of his first promotion in his job.

Want to know why? Because, he missed a conducive working environment.

Do any of us think this is a cooked up story? The story may be but what it conveys isn’t.

Seeing through a child’s eyes is an art for any parent. Unless we do it there is less room for their growth.

Where are we unconsciously hurting their career choices? Are we the real guardian angels for them?

Here are 10 aspects that parents need to be mindful of.


  1. Best critic, Worst parent

Each of us, as a parent, tries to give our best to our children. But in the process, gradually and unconsciously we become anxious as they grow. Anxiety about – their future, their choice of friends, their selection of courses for higher studies and their life and career choices as well.

An anxious mind, expresses itself through condemnation or strong advice. Often condemnation leads to lower confidence levels in children. At any point of time in life, if we find their choices not suitable, the best way is to consciously set aside our anxiety and make them understand positively – the outcome of their choices.

Only commending helps and not condemnation!

  1. It’s their dream, not ours

Our children are a bundle of bliss and dream for us. Being a great parent would mean helping them realize their dream, be it in career or in life.

Though we realize that children are not our ‘yet another chance’, there is every possibility that we tend to live our dreams through them. They are not mothers who would deliver our babies.

A child undergoes peak stress, when we start treating them as our dream carriers. Eventually it ends up in losing their identity, which is especially vital as an individual to succeed and sustain.

It’s time for their dreams to come true and not ours.

  1. Loosen the grip

As a proud parent, waiting to hear from our 10 year old child, on a day’s happening is perfectly acceptable. But the same is a sign of high dependency if they are 18+ of years.

Each stage of life has its own growth indicators. The growing years of a teenager has a different demand from a toddler’s. We all, as parents, consider our children as kids, out of sheer love and try to support them in every aspect of life. This is normal. Whereas overdoing the same is not.

The success of children, as they step outside the house, is more to do with their capability to manage their challenges independently. The same is aptly applicable for career choices or sustaining career challenges too.

Loosening is to make them win!

  1. We @ their work place!

Our loved ones becoming an ‘employee’ is usually a moment of pride for us parents. We need to remind ourselves that it is as good as a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis.

They need to face every bit of obstacle, on their way, on their own! Only this can make them an emerging butterfly.

A work environment is personal to them. Never should we guide or instruct them on the ‘how to do’ aspects of their on the job challenges, like what should they reply to their boss’s email or taking up a new assignment, negotiate with the HR on the pay aspects etc.

But certainly parental guidance is required when they are through some emotional turbulence, due to work pressure or challenges in moving with tough minded people or practical day to day issues like travel and stay.

Let’s watch them fly and not make them walk!

  1. Emotions at an arm’s length

Emotional quotient – This will be the most disturbed aspect when our children start to be independent as they get employed. Any parent would want their children to be with them forever. But the hard core is reality is different.

Career options may require our children to stay away from home, travel frequently, consider other’s opinion more than ours, spend at their ease without even bringing to our knowledge and take up new interests and lot more.

It is better to practice to underplay our emotions and enjoy their growth. After all what we are witnessing is our own efforts that we invested on them since their childhood.

Let not our emotions create commotion!

  1. Influence – In its true sense

Getting settled in a career is time consuming task. As the competitive pressure mounts, our children tend to seek people who can understand them and the situation better and make them handle it. Generally they share it with supportive colleagues and to us parents.

Home should always be the place for them to get inspired and influenced. When children share their work place or career related worries, we should try to understand the problem in an unbiased manner and suggest solutions. Only this can widen their approach in handling any difficulties they continue to face.

Working environment is where emotions are expected take a back stage. If we find our newly employed child struggling to understand this basic idea, we need to clarify them on this.

Let’s influence to inspire!

  1. Financial freedom

After putting in many years of efforts to make our children get into a prestigious job, it’s time that we sit, relax and enjoy its fruits! If any our lists have the finance aspect included in it, then its time that we mend our thinking.

This may be a shocking truth to many of us. While this subject itself has the scope for debate, setting aside our routine thinking will help us to be at ease for the rest of our lifetimes.

Financial management or simply expenditure management – only our children need to be its managers. While as parents we can assist them in planning for better savings and returns, the most expected is the freedom to decide on their own, on what they want to do with their hard earned money.

Some of our family circumstances might have dependency on the income earned by our children, in which case, we parents, should invest significant time in careful planning, which will not affect their financial freedom.

Let’s admire them soaring!

  1. The second innings

Some of our children value the ‘Job satisfaction’ more than the financial returns. Generally they are multipassionates and like to explore doing many different roles.

As we parents age, we expect our children to get ‘settled’ in life soon, which is accepted. But many houses turn a war front, when it comes to encouraging our children wanting to take up a new trail.

Undeniably, doing the less obvious has its own bombshell on the path. Nevertheless, the bright side too is worth considering. The must do by parents, is the support to be rendered to reach the ‘glass is half full’ attitude. It is perfectly ok, when our dear ones get ready to make something big only in the second innings!

Remember, every great discovery is someone’s ‘n-th’ attempt!

  1. The unseen career

At 23, the normal expectation from a child would be having a clear choice of career. A child’s maturity level is attributed to many environmental factors like the environment at home, exposure, individual capabilities etc.

When we parents still find our children struggling, we need not be at loss. The best way is first to discuss with them on their understanding of the current stage of life.

As we know it requires a great zeal from our side. We need to keep our emotions at cool, avoid comparison with other children of the same age group and completely believe that our children would certainly make it soon.

Approaching them with confidence will inturn boost their morale and get into the groove.

The truth is – A day dawns only after the night has lapsed!

  1. Virtual families

The presence on social media is inevitable. Today many job sites decide on the candidate’s selection based on professional networking sites. As parents, though we know the advantages and impact of social media, we need to be sensitive to our children’s new and expanding associations once they on board a job.

Most of their significant time of a day is spent at the work site. And working closely with a family that is almost virtual is the reality that we need to have in mind.

Not being a nagging parent and maintaining a friendly relationship with them helps both us and our children. Fortunately, they are there to keep us abreast of the changing trends and technologies.

Instead of stressing too much on their right or wrong friendship and frequently questioning them on their new associations, the ‘I’m your best friend’ attitude does it all!

Friendship – This too starts at home!

Top 3 Books You Must Read in 2016 for Professional Development

Irrespective of whether you are an entrepreneur, a self-employed professional, a freelancer or if you are employed somewhere; one of the keys to succeed in your professional life is constant self-development.  Luckily, these days there are several amazing books that provide special tips and training for professional development, entrepreneurship and business management that you can choose to read and gain knowledge and ensure self-development. Here we list the top 3 books on personality development that you must read in 2016:

The Virgin Way – If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing

When the book is authored by one of the most successful business people in the world, Richard Branson, you know that it is surely worth reading to get insight on how to be a successful businessman. Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group, a global conglomerate that has more than 400 Virgin labels. This is one of his latest books on management and entrepreneurship that gives an insight on companies under his unique style of leadership and methodologies of conducting business activities that has made him so insanely successful. In his book Richard says that his success is driven by the art of listening carefully and keeping people engaged constantly. If you are an aspiring businessperson or if you have to run a business successfully, it would be worth reading the book to flourish in your business. You can bring home this book from any of the online stores like Flipkart. With the Flipkart sale right around the corner, you can get a valuable discount on your purchase.

The Essential Drucker

The author of the book Peter Drucker has a huge reputation of being a legendary professor and a management consultant and a social ecologist. The writer is also the founder of the ‘theory and practice of modern management. The writer although passed away in 2005, his legend lives on in his book, which opens up the readers to a sea of knowledge on business, leadership and economics. The book contains some of the best and hand-picked collection of essays written by the profound business philosophers. Not to mention, the book can help you learn the principles of business management, main challenges, core problems and best practices to attain success in business.

The Alliance – Managing Talent in the Networked Age

This book is co-authored by Chris Yeh, Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn, Ben Casnocha, all of whom are successful mentors and entrepreneurs. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the employee-employer relationship that has become a lot indifferent in today’s fast changing, competitive and insecure modern world. If you are running your own business or if you are working as a manager this book will surely open you up to amazing tips and advices on identifying and recruiting the right talent who can blend well with your organizational needs. The book also gives you an insight on how to manage and retain the amazing talent you have at your end and how to keep motivated and win their loyalty.

Do you have any of these books on your bookshelf? If not, then grab them right away!

Delhi University’s Hansraj sets up five centres offering skill-based courses

Delhi University's Hansraj sets up five centres offering skill-based coursesNew Delhi: Delhi University’s Hansraj College has set up five new centres to promote skill development and entrepreneurship which will offer certificate courses in 25 subjects from January 1.

The five centres — Centre for Social Change, Centre for Innovative Ideas, Centre for Environment Awareness, Centre to Promote Self Employment and Gandhi Bhave Study Centre – were inaugurated here on Tuesday.

“These five centres would be run by a set of collaborators at the North Campus college with courses varying from a week duration to six months,” said acting Principal of

Hansraj College, Rama Sharma.

“We are providing the opportunity for our students to take skill-based training while pursuing their degrees. Students have already registered for computer and media courses. We have seen that students know Facebook and Twitter these day but other aspects of computer which are useful in daily life and also for doing something worthy are not learnt by them. It will be enriching for them,” she added.

UGC plans to rank all universities and colleges in the country

UGC plans to rank all universities and colleges in the countryNew Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has said that it plans to rank all educational institutions in the country, in a move that has upset other regulatory bodies.

As per a report in The Times of India, the UGC rankings will cover private colleges and universities as well.

The UGC has already prepared a National Institution Ranking Framework (NIRF) for varsities and colleges, and has issued instructions to all institutions to take part in the ranking exercise.

The rankings are due to be out by April 2016.

The UGC move has not gone down well with other regulatory bodies like the AICTE (engineering), MCI (medical), NATA (architecture) etc.

Just last month, as per the report, the Karnataka State Higher Education Council had come up with a plan to rank and rate universities.

The UGC directive to institutions read, “The best learning experience in the ideal environment is the ultimate objective of every institution. This objective becomes more highlighted when institutions are constantly adjudged on the basis of excellence in teaching and learning, excellence in research and innovations and excellence in engagement. Institutions are also expected to provide inspiring learning and living environment on their campuses. These are some parameters which are looked into by students and parents whilst making an informed choice of pursuing a program in any institution of higher learning.”

The Commission has zeroed in on several parametres that will be used to rank institutions under NIRF.

Recognise CBSE-offered computer courses for admission: UGC to varsities

Recognise CBSE-offered computer courses for admission: UGC to varsitiesNew Delhi: The UGC has asked universities to recognise the CBSE-offered computer programmes from the upcoming session, which comes as a relief to students facing troubles taking admissions to undergraduate programmes for having studied Informatics Practices in Class XII.

“CBSE offers three computer-based courses to students of class XI and XII-Computer Science, Informatics Practices and Multimedia and Web Technology. These subjects are offered under academic stream and have curriculum specifications that are compatible with major subjects in science having theory

and practical components,” UGC said in a letter to Vice Chancellors.

“It is important that important consideration may be accorded while admitting the students to undergraduate courses. You are requested to take appropriate action for recognition of these subjects for the purpose of admission of students to degree programmes,” it added.

The communication by the University Grants Commission (UGC) comes after a request from the CBSE saying necessary instructions be issued to varsities in this regard so that students willing to take admission in various progarmmes do not face difficulties in pursuing higher studies.

The concern has been raised by students and parents in previous years when Delhi University announced to deduct 2.5

per cent from the aggregate marks of those aspirants who had opted for Informatics Practices. However, during the last cut-off issued in 2014 it had revoked the criteria following a request by then CBSE Chairman Vineet Joshi who had termed the guideline as “unfair” and “discriminatory”.

The same criteria was in place for admissions at DU this year.

New Delhi: The prestigious medical institution AIIMS, New Delhi, has announced the examination dates for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course for the 2016 session.

HBSE Result 2015 10th class​, 12th class declaredChandigarh: Haryana Board of Secondary Education (HBSE) on Thursday announced the results of Senior Secondray Examination and Secondary Examination 2015.

Students can access HBSE Result 2015 on official website bseh.org.in to get their class 10th and 12th results.

The 10th class 1st semester exams were conducted by HBSE from September 29 to October 19 and semester 2 exam from Sept 30 to Oct 21.

Established in 1969, Bhiwani-based Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) conducts the Public Examinations at Middle, Matric (Secondary or High School) and Senior Secondary School (Academic & Vocational) levels twice a year in the state of Haryana through the affiliated schools.