Practical Ways to Reduce Waste From Old Consumer Electronics

When old circuits, power supplies, and other consumer electronics parts reach landfills, they stay on the ground for many years because the materials don’t break down quickly. If this waste drifts into a local water supply, filtration systems will have to work harder to eliminate metal contaminates from local drinking water. Although the process of reducing electronic waste seems challenging, there are easy ways to decrease old metal debris and wiring that travel to landfills.

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Make New Products With Old Material

If you know how to operate power tools, you can build new products out of old scrap materials. For example, you could make a vessel for your plants by connecting four old housing pieces together with screws and fasteners. If you need more ideas, you’ll find many practical project options in a book about recycling and reusing consumer electronic products.


Instead of tossing old electronics into the trash, you should donate these products to people who need them. However, before you donate any products that hold data, you must implement procedures to erase the files on the hard drive.

Work With a Recycling Company

In many cities, there are recycling companies that have programs for electronic items. The staff at this facilities gather and recycle a variety of products, such as

  • Fax machines
  • Computers
  • Copiers
  • Stereos
  • Televisions

Recycling centers don’t have strict rules and complicated policies, so the process of implementing procedures to recycle your old electronics is never a hassle. Typically, if an item is new, old, obsolete, or broken, a recycling team will recycle it.

By disposing your consumer electronics properly, you’ll help protect the environment because less waste will pile up in landfills. If you need to get rid of broken metal pieces from old electronics, consider working with a company that recycles electronic scrap Toronto.