The Changes In Medical Imaging Create Comfort and Convenience

It is no secret that the medical industry has evolved over the years. Medical digital imaging is one example of how the industry has changed. The days of uncomfortable procedures or sitting on hold are over. Here are several ways medical imaging and the medical industry in general have changed in many facilities.

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  1. Improved Medical Equipment Gives You A Peace of Mind.

It is natural to feel anxious before scheduling your exam, but the improved equipment is designed to give you a peace of mind. You can now opt for a wide bore or an open MRI for your procedure. The tunnel features more space on the wide bore design, and the open design does not feature a tunnel at all. The digital x-ray and 16-slice CT scan use a very low dose of radiation, so you do not have to worry about being exposed during your procedure.

  1. You Can Schedule Your Appointment Online.

You do not have to sit on hold for several minutes just to schedule your appointment. There are many facilities that allow you to schedule your appointment right through the official website. You can start by clarifying if you are a new or returning patient, and then you can fill out a form with your contact information. The process continues with information such as your referring physician, type of appointment and preferred date and time. A staff member will contact you to help you confirm or change your appointment.

  1. Access Your Information Through The Patient Portal.

You are given your own unique login for the patient portal, which is located right on the practice website. The patient portal allows you to fill out your registration forms in advance to save time during your visit. It also allows you to view information related to your procedure or overall appointment.

  1. Tour The Facility Before Leaving Your House.

A tour of the facility can help calm your fears before your appointment, and you can now tour the facility without leaving your house. The practice website includes photographs of the lobby, exam rooms and equipment. You may even find videos or a 360 virtual tour on the website of your local facility.

Medical imaging has undergone many changes in the last few years. The improved equipment and online tools are sure to bring comfort and convenience to your procedure.