The Business Strain of US China Relations

Relationships between countries were built through the years. After the world war, peace amongst nations has propagated and international relations were strengthened. Treaties were made and ceasefire were raised. Although there have been a lot of conflicts still since then, most of the world has remained peaceful. The era we live in today is a threat of terrorism. It is not countries having conflicts with each other but rather a fight for justice against these terrorist groups. The middle eastern countries have been in threat of the terrorism for the longest time now. Many countries have been trying to join forces to defend their citizens especially the innocent people. Since the United States has been the number one target of the terrorist groups, it has created bonds with countries who have resources and defense to back them up. One of the biggest allies that the US has made through the years is China.

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For decades now, China and US have established trust and camaraderie. The relationship between these two countries has given a growth to the economy and businesses. The strategic partnership of the two has been dubbed to be the world’s most important bilateral relationship of the century. The Unites States controls so much of the world by being the largest economy. China being an ally of the United States gives more power over the world’s economy since it also holds a large part of it, second to the US. Not only has this helped the economy of both countries but as well as political and security interests. Together, they fight the issue against terrorism and find good resources of weaponry like nuclear weapons for national defense. Territorial issues, however, are a different matter altogether. The dispute over the custody of the South China Sea has been one of the longest issues in the eastern Asia. The Philippines and Japan other two contenders for this rich body of water are both allies of the United States. The United States doesn’t take part of this issue so as not to hamper any relationship it has between these countries. However, due to recent changes in administration, US has started to meddle with this issue. Ever since the election of Trump, the US-China relations have been strained. It has come to a point of military conflict in the battle of the possession of the South China Sea waters.

In the term of the eight-year presidency of Barack Obama, it has created a good momentum for bilateral ties with Chinese President XI Jinping. These two leaders managed to meet regularly, apart from regional and international summits, to talk about some strategic and political decision on issues that would impact the world. However, in recent Trump administration news, we hear conflicts of belief in the president’s thought on the US-China relations. Trump believes that US-China relations are not necessary for the country’s growth in trade, political and defense. He mentioned in his presidential campaign that the Chinese have long been manipulating the strength of the Chinese currency in the market and have employed the outsourcing of American products to China. China and the United States have two different systems and believe in different governing manners. Although they have regarded themselves as allies, it has been an open secret that US government has always seen China as a competitor. In an economic standpoint, the two large economies of the world stand on different ends of the production line. This means that one benefits the other. Policy coordination for trade will be more difficult if China and the US hit the rocks.