Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco Sees Nearly 40 Percent Vow to Never Buy a Samsung Phone Again: Survey
Samsung recently killed its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone
Google’s Pixel and iPhone 7 series will gain from Note 7 fiasco
Many consumers in survey claimed will never buy another Samsung phone
After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, many current Samsung smartphone users say they won’t buy another smartphone from the company and will go for offerings from other companies, claims a survey conducted in the US. Branding Brand, which usually releases periodic surveys to understand the mobile shopping experience, has come out with shocking revelation for Samsung.


According to the survey, 40 percent of existing Samsung smartphone users “won’t buy another phone from the brand” and this was 6 percent more than since the first week of the phone’s US recall last month. Out of the people surveyed, 30 percent of current Samsung smartphone consumers said that “they’ve only ever owned that brand of phone.”
Of the 40 percent of Samsung smartphone users who said they will not buy another smartphone from the company, 8 percent said they will buy a Google Pixel smartphone – a new trend in user preference since the Google phones were only unveiled earlier this month. 30 percent said they will switch to an iPhone. Notably, this was down from 34 percent surveyed in September, with more users probably headed to the new Google offering. 62 percent said they would would buy an Android smartphone from a brand other than Google or Samsung – up from 57 percent last month.

Samsung recently announced that it will kill the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones as it was unable to fix the fire issue that led it to recall it twice. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has no doubt become one of the biggest debacles in the company’s history, and if a new survey is to be believed, the fire incidents have made a major dent in the brand.

Branding Brand conducted its first such survey to see how current Samsung consumers were losing confidence in the brand last month. For the second and latest survey, 1,000 users, aged between 18-65, who currently owned a Samsung smartphone participated.

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