Microsoft Paint May Finally Be Getting the Overhaul It So Desperately Needs
Videos were posted by Twitter user WalkingCat
Microsoft is scheduled to have a Windows 10 event on October 26
New app likely to help developers for HoloLens
Microsoft’s Paint app in Windows is among the most used basic tools on the platform but has long awaited a major overhaul. It seems like the Redmond-based company has finally decided to update its Paint app with some of the features that will add more utility to the tool as some leaked videos showcase the capabilities of the redesigned app.

As per the videos posted by Microsoft watcher and Twitter user WalkingCat, the “Paint Preview” app will include support for 3D objects, which was missing from earlier versions of the app. This support can prove to be extremely useful for the developers and artists who will be working on apps meant for the company’s augmented-reality platform HoloLens.

WalkingCat has since posted a download link for the preview version of the app.

The demonstration videos posted by the Twitter user show the ease with which 3D objects can be created and moved around in the workspace with the revamped Paint app. They also show the paint brushes that can be used to colour these 3D objects.
Interestingly, the videos were posted only few hours after the announcement by Microsoft that it will be unveiling the next chapter of Windows 10 on October 26 in an event in New York City.

Even though the company is expected to showcase an all-in-one PC under its Surface brand at the event, it might also unveil the revamped Paint app at the event.

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