Chrome Gets Inbuilt Google Cast Support; No Extension Required

Chrome Gets Inbuilt Google Cast Support; No Extension Required

  • The feature was tested for eight months
  • It is available in the latest version of Chrome
  • People have used Google Cast more than 38 million times in the last month

After testing it for eight months, Google has announced that it has now built Google Cast right into Chrome. Users will no longer have to install a separate extension to beam videos from a webpage to other screens like their TV.

In January, Google employee Francois Beaufort announced that the Chromium team was testing this feature in the beta channel. He credited the new Media Router for making it possible to build Cast natively. Now, the feature has been rolled out into the stable Chrome channel for everyone to use.

For all the websites that support Cast, an icon will appear when you’re on the same network as a Chromecast device. Clicking on the icon will allow you to choose the home device that you want to project the stream on – be it audio speakers, or see a web video on TV.

For all the websites that are not integrated with Cast, just head to the Chrome menu, select ‘Cast’ from there, and follow the steps to beam the video on your TV. The tech giant informs that only the latest version of Chrome supports the integrated Cast feature.

The Google Cast extension for Chrome was launched in 2013, alongside the Chromecast dongle. Until now users had to download and install Google Cast Chrome extension to stream music, videos, and other webpages from the browser to their Chromecast-connected TV. However, this native support of Cast eliminates this installation process.

Google claims that users have casted more than 38 million times from Chrome in the last month itself. In July, users has watched and heard more than 50 million hours of content through Chromecast.

Google introduced its second-generation Chromecast dongle and the new Chromecast Audio dongle in India in April this year, and priced both at Rs. 3,399. The media-streaming dongles are available on several online marketplaces including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, as well as offline retailers like Reliance Digital and Croma. Google claims that it managed to sell 5 million Chromecast devices in the last two months itself.


You Can Soon Activate Facebook’s Safety Check Yourself, Zuckerberg Confirms

You Can Soon Activate Facebook's Safety Check Yourself, Zuckerberg Confirms

  • Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the feature at his meeting in Rome
  • Users will be able to enable Safety Check in emergencies
  • It may be a reform after company received several criticisms about the fe

Facebook will soon let users enable Safety Check on their own in an emergency situation or a crisis. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday revealed company’s plans to be working on the feature that would let users create an alert on Facebook through which their relatives and friends can know if they are safe in disasters or other tough conditions.

While holding a townhall meeting in Rome’s Luiss University on Monday, Zuckerberg received a question from audience regarding the future of Facebook’s Safety Check in the wake of recent earthquakes in Italy. “Yes, we’re working on that already.” he said, confirming that the feature might soon be tested and rolled to the public. Adding to his statements, Zuckerberg highlighted that Facebook is not only made for fun moments with friends, but also to ensure safety of the users who’re in peril or such extreme situations throughout the globe.

Facebook introduced Safety Check back in 2014, saying, “We want to provide a helpful tool that people can use when major disasters strike, so we’ve created safety check” in a blog post. Since then, Facebook could be seen activating this feature in several emergency situations and natural disasters in the world, including terrorist attacks – events that Zuckerberg says have “just been too common over the last few years”.

 Zuckerberg said in a video of the townhall meeting posted by him on the social-networking website,”If we’re building a community product, this is one of the moments of truth for us…” He added, “We’re working on what you say. When Safety Check got started a couple of years ago, it was only for natural disasters. The next thing we need to do is make it so that communities can trigger it themselves when there is some disaster.”

Facebook recently has been receiving a lot of criticism for the activation of Safety Check only in select places or as a few point out, in the “West”. The Paris attacks saw Facebook deploying this featureextensively throughout the affected region. Later, the California-based Internet company was slammed for being biased for not activating it during the Nigeria blasts, to which company reacted and made the feature available in the region.

While it’s still unclear how this feature will come in use and what all users would ‘qualify’ to be able to create an alert, Facebook surely seems to be sidelining itself from all the backlash it received in the past for being biased.


Amazon’s New Vehicles Section Is a Car Research Resource

Amazon's New Vehicles Section Is a Car Research Resource

  • Website is designed to help people get more information on vehicles
  • Amazon already sells millions of car parts and accessories
  • Customers can leave reviews for cars

Although Amazon isn’t getting into the business of selling cars, a new section of its website is designed to help people looking for a new ride get more information on the vehicles out there. The Amazon Vehicles section of the massive online retailer went online Thursday.

Amazon already sells millions of car parts and accessories, but this is the first time it has taken a serious push to feature vehicles on the site. One selling point for Amazon Vehicles, according to the company, will be that customers can leave reviews for cars in much the same way as they can for any other item on the site.

“Amazon Vehicles is a great resource for customers who are interested in car information or looking for a broad selection of parts and accessories – all enhanced by the ability to tap into the knowledge, opinions and experiences of other car owners within the Amazon customer community,” said Adam Goetsch, director of automotive at

Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post.

 Amazon also has collected basic information on a number of vehicles, giving users easy access to attributes such as gas mileage and car dimensions. Users can compare different versions of the same model of car – the hatchback vs. the sedan, for example. Listings also contain safety information, including information on recalls.

The move positions Amazon against many well-known car research sites, including trusted names such as Edmund’s or Kelley Blue Book – which also list professional and consumer reviews for cars. While Amazon doesn’t have the same reputation on vehicles as these older sites, it appears to be banking on the fact that customers already on the site will find it convenient to get auto information at Amazon’s one-stop shop.

It will take some time for the site to get off the ground, however, because reviewers haven’t yet had time to leave much commentary. Someone looking at the new Amazon Vehicles section on Thursday morning wouldn’t have very much information from other drivers – many cars don’t have any reviews.

Amazon also doesn’t have a way for users to find dealerships selling the cars they want, which is an option on other car research sites. Instead, Amazon users can save a car to a “garage” on the site. Doing so will make it easier for people to find compatible car parts and accessories – where else? – on Amazon.


EU May Require YouTube, DailyMotion to Seek Deals With Music Industry

EU May Require YouTube, DailyMotion to Seek Deals With Music Industry

  • The agreement could take the form of a copyright licence
  • Google says YouTube has generated over $2 billion for rightsholders
  • The music industry says Content ID does not work well enough

Websites such as Google’s YouTube, DailyMotion and Pinterest could be required to seek licences or revenue-sharing deals with artists for content that is uploaded by their users as part of the European Union’s planned copyright overhaul.

The music industry has long complained services such asYouTube do not pay artists enough for their music and has urged regulators to close what it calls the “value gap”.

They say Alphabet Inc’s Google makes a vast amount of money from ad-supported services such as YouTube, but only a small share of it goes to the music industry.

The European Commission, the EU executive, is looking at imposing an obligation on platforms hosting user-uploaded content such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion to seek agreements with rightsholders “reflecting the economic value of the use made of the protected content”, according to a draft paper, seen by Reuters, listing the preferred options for the copyright reform.

The agreement could take the form of a copyright licence or a monetisation agreement such as sharing of revenue, an option that is already widely used.

 The Commission also wants online sharing platforms to put in place “appropriate and proportionate measures, such as content identification technologies, to ensure the functioning” of the agreements with rightsholders.

The proposal is still being discussed and the final version is expected in late September.

Google says YouTube alone has generated over $2 billion (roughly Rs. 13,400 crores) for rightsholders by striking licensing agreements with music labels and publishing societies around the world.

YouTube uses Content ID, which automatically identifies an artist’s content, to give rightsholders the choice of whether to leave it up, block it or monetise it through a revenue-sharing deal.

Google says over 98 percent of all YouTube copyright removal claims are done through Content ID and the music industry chooses to monetise 95 percent of its Content ID claims.

But rightsholders say they do not have enough bargaining power and are presented with a “take it or leave it” deal since the online platforms have no obligation to negotiate with them.

The draft paper said its proposals would likely increase revenues for rightsholders, but did not estimate by how much.

Google declined to comment.

The music industry says Content ID does not work well enough and subscription-based services such asSpotify generate more revenue for the industry despite having a smaller user base.

The Commission also wants to give news publishers a new right covering the online use of their content to give them more bargaining power vis-a-vis online players such as Google.

The media industry has often accused Google of making money at its expense by making its content freely available via Google News.

A Commission spokesman said granting a new right to publishers would not affect the way users share hyperlinks on the Internet.

“It would recognise their (publishers’) role as investors in content,” Christian Wigand said.


The Celebration of Sibling Love With Sets of Rakhis

RakshaBandhan brings back many memories of childhood and our heart just fills up with more love for our brothers and sisters. Rakshabandhan is one day that is dedicated to the love between a brother and a sister and like any other festival of our country this one id also celebrated with much fun, frolic, and excitement. The prime attraction of this festival is of course the rakhi thread itself without which the festival cannot be complete. You may get a set of 5 rakhis online or buy a set of three rakhis from your local market, but what matters the most is the look of the rakhi. The look and appearance of the rakhi thread has to be really admirable. In ancient times only a red or yellow thread was tied around a brother’s wrist to celebrate rakshabandhan but now with improvement of technology and flow of time, many innovation has been done over a rakhi.

Rudraksha Rakhi

From inexpensive beads and rudraksh to precious stones all glittering items are used to make this rakhi look gorgeous to heighten the celebration thrill. Pearl rakhi available in the market and especially in the online market is made up of real pearls and it shows how much you love your brother. Expensive stone studded rakhis are obviously going to cost you some money but again that’s ok because it is a once a year festival. If you have only one brother, gifting a precious rakhi is like an unsaid law.

Stone Designer Rakhi

Pearl rakhi

Gold and silver rakhis are also present in the market and they are equally stunning. But not too many people can afford it. You can give this kind of rakhis to your brother once in a five year and once given it becomes a lifetime asset. Unline other kind of rakhis, one cannot waste this rakhi because of the precious metal content in it.

Superman Kids Rakhi

There are many more innovation like designer rakhi where various design and art work is applied to make the rakhi look dreamy. Cartoon rakhi is an important element to make the kids of your house bubble with joy and excitement. There are too many cartoon characters and comic book superheroes that keeps these lovely kids motivated. Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America, Speider Man, He Man, ChhottaBheem, Chutki, Shaktiman, Pokemon, Doraemon, or Minion – there are many rakhis that are made with images of these characters. Rakhis of various types would surely make your celebration a colorful and vivacious one.


So, out of so many types, you can select any five as a set of five rakhis to surprise your brothers and cousins.