It’s quite normal to find celebrities at the blackjack pits or poker tables around the world. Some of them play in private rooms so that you never get to hear about their gambling fun. And like millions of people, there are numerous celebrities who prefer to indulge in casino gaming online, at popular casino sites like After all, if you want to enjoy a few games of slots or blackjack, there is no need to head to the land based casino, as you can enjoy these games from anywhere and at anytime at online casinos. We have compiled some of the keen celebrity casino gamers who enjoy a bet or two.

Ben Affleck is known to be an expert at poker tables, but he has also shown his talent while playing at the Blackjack pits as well. There was one particular weekend, when this superstar was seen staking $60,000 per hand at a blackjack table, and to the amazement of everyone, he walked away with a handsome windfall of $950,000. The dealers got lucky that day, as they were tipped not less than $150,000 by Affleck.

The Canadian-American poker player and actress Jennifer Tilly is more often seen at poker events than on screen these days. Back in 2005, she won World Series of Poker Ladies Only Event – No Limit Hold’em. Jenny Tilly has been part of various blockbuster movies such as Bride of Chucky, Liar Liar, Monster Inc., and more. In a television interview, she mentioned that she was more interested to following poker than acting. Her live tournament winnings exceed over $900,000.

Soul celebrity Gladys Knight used to love playing Baccarat and has even admitted losing £40,000 in a single night playing this game. It seems that since then, she has lost her interest in the game and is no longer found at Baccarat tables. She has reportedly completely stopped gambling in the past few years. She first started playing when she used to be a hermit over 30 years ago. It began with stakes of $1 and in the years the came it reached hundreds of thousands.

Tiger Woods, the living legend golfer was a regular at the MGM Grand’s Mansion, where high roller can gamble as much as they like and still keep a low profile. It is rumoured that he plays £25,000 for a hand of blackjack at The Mansion. There is no wonder, this rich athlete with a career earnings of over 1 billion has a limit of $1 million at this casino.

The American profession poker player Phil Ivey might be an act at the poker tables, but he is also known to be a keep craps lover. He used to get a marker for 200,000 and was playing $5,000 on the pass line. Michael Phelps, the most honoured Olympian ever, is also known to enjoy the game of poker and blackjack.

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