Why You Should Not Miss Out on Giving JEE Exam?

iit-jee-question-paper-and-answerOne of the most sought after and attended entrance examination in India is the JEE. Thousands of students prepare for JEE every single year and appear for it, either with their customary 12th standard board examinations or post it. Before we get onto learning, why it is a must for you to appear for the JEE exam, let us first evaluate, what the JEE is.

What is JEE?

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination. The entrance examination is conducted in India and is a nationally recognised entrance test for students aiming to enrol themselves in reputable engineering institutes throughout the country.

The base of selection:

The rank or marks scored in this common entrance examination forms the base for selection in any and every leading engineering institute. The two institutes that are recognised as the father o the JEE are the Indian Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Technology.

Things you need to know about JEE:

There are a number of things you should be aware of when planning to appear for the JEE.

  • The former system required students to sit for two separate examinations, namely IIT-JEE and AIEE, for the IIT and NIT, respectively. Later on the system was revised to form a single entrance test, namely the JEE.
  • The conducting body for JEE in India is CBSE. Only students who have taken up science as their major stream in 11 and 12 standards can appear for JEE.
  • The aim of the entrance test is to through candidates with the potential to enter the different streams of engineering.

Two divisions of JEE:

The JEE is divided into two parts, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. To appear for the JEE Advanced test, a student has to first score a specific grade or level of marks in JEE Mains. The level of institutes that a student can find his/her way into, after successfully completing the JEE Advanced Exam are the IITs and the NIT. To be able to be considered for the leading engineering institutes students should have a good All India Rank. From 2016 onwards the board will determine the rank on the combined basis of the JEE Mains results and the 12th standard boards results. Hence both these examinations will be of optimum importance from here on.

Why you cannot miss out on appearing for the JEE?

There are a number of reasons that make it absolutely imperative for students to appear for the JEE. Some of these reasons include-

  • Students who have taken up Science as their stream in 11 & 12 have a number of career options to choose from, with Engineering being one of the top options, amongst medical, research, etc. Appearing for JEE will allow you to create more potential career routes for you. Success in the JEE means a place in a leading engineering college and a promising career ahead. The sooner you appear for it, the better your chance to get through the best colleges.
  • From 2016, CBSE, the conducting body for the JEE, will be releasing the results for both boards and the JEE Main together. This makes it important that you prepare for the JEE alongside your boards and appear for it, right after.
  • Since CBSE will be taking results of both boards and JEE Main 2016 into consideration to form the All India Rank of every student appearing for the exams, it is important that you appear for the JEE alongside your Boards. Missing out on the opportunity might lower your chance to score a higher rank.

Most importantly, the main aim of appearing for the JEE is to create a potentially banking career for yourself in the field of engineering.