Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They contain most of our personal information and are used to perform multiple tasks on regular basis. This is why it’s important that we keep them safe from all the atrocities of the modern day. Crisis can occur at any time, so it is better to have your smartphone prepared for anything. If your phone is ready for any kind of emergency, then good for you, but if it’s not prepared for a calamity that can strike it at any time, then following are some of the precautions you can and probably should take.


Smartphone theft has become quite common, so it’s best for you to be prepared. You must install a location tracking app like Mobistealth on your device so that you can keep an eye on your mobile even when it leaves your possession. This feature will not only be helpful in case of theft, but will also help you locate your device when you lose it somewhere. Smartphones contain most of our information and data, so having a location tracking app certainly helps.


Viruses are a pain, something you may be aware of already if one of your devices encountered them. They destroy everything that comes in their path, hindering the performance of smartphones in a big way. Viruses are quite unpredictable and can make their way into your device at any time. They can do a lot of damage if not dealt with sooner. So, to avoid all the hassle and for keeping your phone secure, simply download an updated antivirus app. These tools receive patches on regular basis to ensure safety of your device from any external threat. This is why you need to have an antivirus app installed on your phone.


Our smartphones contain our personal information like our names, social security numbers, passwords, emails, bank account numbers, and so much more. All of this information is quite critical because if any one of it gets stolen, then things can get pretty ugly. Hackers are well-aware of this and are always looking for people with weaknesses in their smartphones. They create different programs with the sole purpose of spying on other people’s devices so that they can get all the personal information and exploit it. To save yourself from such spyware, you must seek help from anti-spyware apps which are available in abundance. Apps like these will keep all the hackers at bay, thus keeping your device safe and secure.

Extortion Hacks

Hackers have become quite proficient with the advancement of technology, and are capable of hacking into devices with unprecedented ease. They get their hands on your personal information like pictures and videos, and then threaten to share them online if you don’t comply with what they say. This past year saw multiple hacks as security agencies, dating sites, and big corporations got attacked. If hackers can breach such high-level security, then they can hack into your device as well. Knowing that, it is better to stay safe by using complicated passwords and biometric security protocols.

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