Steelie Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount, Save 62%


If you are looking for a handy smartphone mount for your car then we have the Steelie Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store for $12.99.

The Steelie Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount normally retail for $35 so you can save 62% off the normal retail price.


Keep your phone within hands and eye’s reach with the mount that not only looks great, but keeps your dashboard pristine. It consists of two magnetically interlocking components: the ball mount that affixes to your dashboard, and the magnetic socket that adheres to the back of your phone. With Steelie, you can secure your phone through any twists, turns, and bumps for a lot less than the cost of fixing a cracked phone screen.

  • Securely dock your phone to your dashboard
  • Enjoy a simple & easy to use interface
  • Keep your phone stable w/ fumble-free design
  • Swivel your phone on ball mount to alternate between landscape & portrait modes
  • Attach your phone to any metal surface w/ phone socket: refrigerator doors, filing cabinets, etc.

You can now get the Steelie Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount for just $12.99 with Geeky Gadgets Detals.

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